Foxchase Manor Wedding | Sarah and Chris

Sarah and Chris are an awesome couple and awesome friends.

Sarah and Heather were classmates in their MSW program at George Mason University and they became good friends early on.  We were soon introduced to Chris and from the early days we knew the two of them would eventually get married (probably before they would even admit they were ready themselves!).  While in many ways they are total opposites (their taste in music, for example, is vastly different), they have long shared a sense of adventure for life and have spent years traveling together, navigating college and grad school, and settling into careers in the midst of a recession.

Sarah and Chris are one of those couples that you just always imagine together–probably because they have known each other since middle school!  Native to Northern VA, the two of them have built a home close to their family and friends and couldn’t imagine anywhere else to celebrate their marriage.

In July Heather and I traveled to Virginia and we were honored to be able to witness their Foxchase Manor wedding; as a friend, a guest, and as their photographers.

So much love to you both and we can’t wait to take another trip together! Sarah, you and I can catch the sites while Heather and Chris sleep in–then we can meet up for wine and beer on a patio somewhere.

Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Sarah and her girls got ready at Manassas Junction B&B.  The decor and ambiance of the historic house was the perfect backdrop to kick off Sarah’s Vintage theme.Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 11Sarah made each of her bridesmaids a pair of earrings.  She said it was easy, but I’m not sure I could have made them look that good!Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 12Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 14Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 12Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 11The ceremony was held at their home church and Chris couldn’t wait to see Sarah coming down the long aisle.Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 10Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 9Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 8For bridal party photos and couple’s portraits, we headed to Manassas Battlefield and the historic bridge that defined part of the site.  Despite a few rain drops and some insane humidity (hello, Virginia!), the setting was lush and green and just perfect.Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 7Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 6Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 5Manassas Battlefield wedding photo 3Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Manassas Battlefield wedding photo On the way to the reception, we unexpectedly passed the middle school where Sarah and Chris met and just had to stop for a quick portrait.Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 15Sarah’s vintage theme carried over to the decorations at Foxchase Manor.Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 14Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 13Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 11From the hilarious toast (including a visit from a historic character to deliver the terms of their new marriage) to the cake cutting, Sarah and Chris cherished every moment of their wedding day.Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 10Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 9Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 8Just after sunset we ventured out to the patio to take advantage of the soft light and the architectural landscaping.Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 7Manassas Battlefield wedding photo Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 5Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 6After dark, it was all about the dance party.  Heather and I put down our cameras and joined in until our feet hurt too much.Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 4Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 3Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo 2Foxchase Manor Wedding reception photo We could not be more happy for you two–congratulations!

And as a side note, Sarah and Chris’ wedding served a double duty and helped me check off Goal #95 on my 101 Goals in 1001 Days v. 2.0 list.  Thanks!

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