2013: Year In Review

Since we closed out 2013 a couple of days ago, I thought we’d take a look back on our photographic year. 2013 was our first official year in business, as we became an LLC in January and overall we were very happy with our progress and growth over the last 12 months.

First off, a few statistics (pulled December 23):

We had 10,985 visitors to our website with 9,107 being unique visits.  Of those that visited, our top age demographic was 25-34 at 33.5%.  This is good news because it means we’re mostly hitting our target clientele.  Somewhat surprising, though, is that 54% of our visitors are male, which seems a bit odd because most of our clients this year have been female and I’m part of several all-female networking groups.

The site received the most visits on November 21, which was the day one of our photos was featured on Love, Inc.

As for most popular blog posts, this was interesting as well.  Seems like Jamie Oliver and cooking are hard to beat.  Our Fried Green Tomatoes post was our top post by far, gathering 1,070 views!  Our next most popular post was Jamie Oliver’s Pan Fried Glazed Pork.  Not far behind was the bridesmaid feature on Love, Inc listed above, followed closely by Liz and Julie’s Snow Mountain Ranch wedding.  The site also saw a spike around Colorado Civil Unions when we posted our downloadable gallery.

Hopefully some of our food photography and recipe fans will be in the market for a wedding photographer this year :)

Photography-wise, we’ve had a full and exciting year that we only hope keeps growing and moving in 2014.  We attended the Expo at Imaging USA (an annual photography conference), were featured in six publications for nine different shoots, and highlighted 17 Recipe Wednesdays.

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Jamie Oliver Steak Sarnie photo

We photographed 6 weddings, including the midnight Civil Unions event at the McNichols building on May 1:

Denver LGBT Wedding Photo, www.greenblossomphotography.com, Colorado Civil Unions Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Colorado LGBT Wedding Photo, Snow Mountain Ranch wedding photo, Green Blossom Photography Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Colorado Civil Union Photo, Colorado LGBT Wedding Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, The Space Gallery wedding photo, Denver LGBT Wedding Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Boulder LGBT Wedding photo, Har Hashem Congregation wedding photo, Chataqua Park wedding photo
www.greenblossomphotography.com, Blackberry Creek Retreat Wedding photo, Ozarks wedding photoWe photographed two couple’s shoots and one engagement shoot:

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Washington Couples Photo, Fort Stillacoom Park Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Blackberry Creek couple's photo, Ozarks couples photo, Sunrise photoshoot photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Denver LGBT Engagement Photo, Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Engagement Photo

We did three shoots with babies one years old and younger and one senior shoot:

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Washington Family Photo, Fort Stillacoom Beach Family PhotoColorado family photo, www.greenblossomphotography.com

www.greenblossomphotographpy.com, Chambers Bay Senior Photo, Washington Senior Photo

We also captured two rehearsal dinners, while I 2nd shot with four photographers (Cassie Rosch Photography, Tina Joiner Photography, Jessica Carney Wedding Photography, and Aldabella Photography) on seven weddings:

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Boulder LGBT Rehearsal Dinner photo, Boulder LGBT Wedding Photo, Tangerine Restaurant Photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Ozarks wedding photo, Blackberry Creek Retreat wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Inn at Palmer Divide wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Lookout Mountain wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Fort Collins Wedding Photo, Colorado Wedding photo, Crafty wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Boettcher Mansion Wedding photo, Lookout Mountain wedding photo, Colorado Wedding photo, Colorado flood wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Denver wedding photo, Magnolia Hotel Wedding photo, Denver Botanic Gardens wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Lafayette wedding photo, Denver wedding photo, Lions Gate Event Center wedding photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Della Terra Wedding Photo, Colorado Winter Wedding photo

We coordinated and participated in two styled shoots and one shootout:

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Colorado wedding photo, Morrison wedding photo, Willow Ridge Manor wedding photo, The Painted Primrose wedding flower photo, Kitty Mae Millinery Photo, Brandy R. Rich Make-up wedding photo, Be-Dazzled Beauty wedding hair photo, Emma and Grace wedding dress photo

www.greenblossomphotography.com, Denver wedding photo, Millennium Park Wedding Photo

And finally, I photographed three Denver University gymnastics meets:

Denver University Gymnastics Emily Warfield 2013 Photo
Its been a busy year and we’ve successfully managed to balance life, work, and photography.  We’re grateful to all of the people we’ve had the pleasure to work with this year (clients, friends, wedding vendors, photographers) and we’re looking forward to the variety that 2014 will hold.

We’re excited to see where the next 12 months take us!


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic first year in business:) Congrats! And here’s hoping 2014 is even better!

    1. Thanks April–looks like your year was fantastic and busy as well! Here’s to a great 2014 for both of us!

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