2018 Wish List | Jennie Crate, Photographer

I’ve made wish lists for the last couple of years and I like to think of them as wishes to the universe for the things in my business that I would like to see happen.

After all, if you don’t put anything out there, how can you expect it to happen?

Here is the recap of my 2017 list

  1. Photograph at Piney River Ranch
  2. Photograph a wedding in Palm Springs
  3. Photograph a couple in Joshua Tree National Park
  4. Photograph a wedding in Telluride
  5. Photograph a backyard al fresco wedding
  6. Photograph an elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park
  7. Photograph in Big Sur California
  8. Photograph an international destination wedding

So, funny enough, even though I only checked off one of my wish’s this year (photograph an elopement in RMNP), I feel good about where I ended my 2017.  2017 was an insanely busy year for me personally.  We bought and sold a house, took in a foster kiddo, and I broke my ankle and was on crutches for 6 weeks.

elopement in the rain photo

But in spite of that I got to explore some amazing places that weren’t even on my list, like Maroon Bells.

So I’d call it a win.

2018 Wish List

  1. Photograph a wedding in Telluride
  2. Take a photography road trip adventure hitting some of my goal places along the way (Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Big Sur, Redwoods)
  3. Photograph a wedding at the beach–Hawaii would be wonderful!
  4. Photograph an elopement in a new location

I think I’ll keep it simple this year and leave it at four goals.  Let’s see what the year holds!

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