3 Reasons to Order a Wedding Album

3 Reasons to Order a Wedding Albums by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie CrateI grew up scrapbooking. In fact, I was rather obsessed.  A fun Saturday afternoon was spending two hours in the aisles of Michaels picking out the perfect stickers for the photos I knew would be back from the printer any day.  I would sit at my dining room table for hours on end, organizing my keepsakes with my photos, deciding what stories I wanted to tell. And picking out just the right background color of paper to make the images really pop.

I created scrapbooks for every year of my life, from age 10 – 26. I carefully documented my friends, my pets, my trips, and, eventually my wedding.  In fact my wedding is so well documented that I have a scrapbook, an album from our photographer, and a photo book that I spent hours designing myself.

I truly believe in wedding albums as a medium to tell the story of your celebration.  Here are my top three reasons why you should consider them too.

3 Reasons to Order a Wedding Album

1. They put photos in an easily digestible format
Obviously you will love all of your weddings photos and want to browse through them over and over again, but for many of the people you want to share with, there is no easy way to sit down and show them all off.  Asking someone to look through 800+ photos more than once can be a tough sell.  By curating your day down to a smaller number of images, you can tell the abbreviated version of your wedding story to anyone who has 5 minutes to sit down and look.

2. They are a beautiful conversation starter
Albums are  meant to be displayed, whether on a coffee table or on a book shelf.  Keeping your album in sight invites people to ask about your wedding.  This can launch you into the best stories from your day, letting your relive it over and over again.

3. They are timeless
I believe in printed photographs in general, but an album is a true keepsake.  Think of your family several generations down the road. How amazing will it be for them to pull out your wedding album and look at a snapshot of your life years ago?   Love and joy are timeless, too.


Sold on an album yet? I offer beautiful linen covered albums from Red Tree Albums (take a look here) for those who want to show off their photos in a more traditional album AND for those who don’t want to get bogged down in the design.

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