6 Reasons First Looks Rock

6 Reasons First Looks Rock by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate

First looks have gained popularity over the last couple of decades. I for one, really like the trend.  And I really like them for logistical and practical reasons, which you’ll see in my 6 Reasons First Looks Rock below.

However, I find that many couples are unfamiliar with the term or it’s implications before they really sit down to visualize their wedding day.

So, to help, I created a list of reasons that I support your decision to do a first look on your wedding day.

*Disclaimer, this post is my opinion based on my experience as a wedding photographer.  There is nothing wrong with couples choosing not to see each other before their wedding ceremony. The important thing is to weigh your options and decide what feels right for you.

6 Reasons First Looks Rock

1. You get to spend more time on your wedding day together
On your wedding day, time will fly.  I promise you, you’ll be getting your hair done one minute and the next thing you know, you’re waving goodbye to your friends and family during your final exit.  Where did the time go?  After all of your planning together for the big day, we think you’ll want to spend as much time as possible next to your soon to be spouse. By choosing to do a first look, you’ll gain at least 2-3 hours of time together.
2. You can plan a surprise for your fiancé and execute it in private
Maybe you wrote a song and want to sing it to your fiancé but don’t want 50 people watching you perform it.  Maybe you wrote a special letter and want to share it with your fiancé before your wedding ceremony.  This moment can be as creative as you want it to be.  The important thing is that it’s the first time you’re seeing each other on your wedding day. So feel free to put as much emotion and thought into what you want that experience to be like.
3. You’ll have more time for photos of just the two of you, no rush
I prioritize couple’s photos on a wedding day because I believe that the time together during these photos is an important part of  your wedding day experience. By doing a first look before your guest start arriving, you’re allowing more time to create these images together.  And a bonus of doing them so soon after you get dressed is that you’re still looking fresh and at your best.
4. You’ll be more relaxed come ceremony time
Most couples are a bundle of nerves and excitement the morning of their wedding.  There is a ton of anticipation and a little stress about everything staying on schedule.  By seeing each other before the ceremony you get to connect with the one other person who feels as anxious as you.  We’ve talked to so many couples who say their nerves are completely gone once they’ve seen their fiancé.  From your first look on, you get to face the rest of the day with your best friend firmly glued to your side.
5. Don’t worry, you’ll likely still get emotional walking down the aisle
Some people are afraid that seeing each other before the ceremony will take away from the emotion of actually walking down the aisle.  Trust me, the moment the actual ceremony begins, emotions become heightened again.  No matter how much time you spend with each other before the ceremony, there is still something still very magical about realizing you’re walking down the aisle as a single person and you’ll be walking back up as a married couple.  If you’re an emotional person, the tears will still flow.
6. You won’t miss your cocktail hour
If we take care of the couple’s portraits and bridal party portraits before the ceremony, we’ll only have to do family portraits after the ceremony.  This means less time away from your guests. More time for you to get your party on. And more time for you to celebrate being married with your friends and family.
If you’re still not sure whether doing a first look is right for you, I suggest reaching out to your married friends. Ask them about their experience doing or not doing a first look.  After all, the more information you have, the more sure you can be that you’re making the right decision for you.
Still aren’t sure whether to do a first look? Let’s talk it through!
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A first look moment at a Strawberry Creek Ranch Wedding

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