7 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly

7 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Go Smootly

On the day of the wedding there will be so many moving pieces that you could easily let yourself get stressed out by the little things.  But let’s combat that stress with the helpful tips below that will help your wedding day run like  a well-oiled machine.

7 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly

1. Do something for yourself the morning of your wedding
Before everything starts going for the day, take the time to do something for yourself.  Go for a run or walk, go to yoga, drink coffee at your favorite spot, cuddle with your dog.  And do it all with your fiancé by your side if you so choose.

2. Make sure you eat and drink enough
It’s easy to forget to eat on your wedding day, especially once you get dressed.  Make sure you eat a good breakfast and lunch, and drink plenty of water!

3. Gather all of your details together in one place
We’ll want to photograph all of your details at the start of the day, so take some time to gather them up ahead of time so they’re all in one place.  This includes the rings–make sure they’re all together.

bridal wedding heirloom details making your wedding day go smoothly at Deer Creek Valley Ranch wedding by Deer Creek Valley Ranch wedding photographer Jennie Crate

4. Assign a friend to be in charge of all your odds and ends
There will be small items that need to go with you to the reception.  Rather than worry about where they are, assign someone to be in charge of getting your things from point A to point B.

5. Delegate
I’m a big believer in hiring a day-of coordinator, if not a full planner, for the simple delegation factor.  If there isn’t anyone overseeing the details of the day, you will become the point person. And the last thing you’ll want to be doing 15 minutes before you walk down the aisle is be giving instructions to the caterer on centerpiece arrangements.

6. Print out a few timelines
It’s so easy to loose track of time on your wedding day. I guarantee its going to go faster than you expect it to.  So to keep you on track, I recommend printing a few timelines. Keep them laying around so your bridal party knows what’s going on and have your friends help you keep things on track.  Nothing adds more stress to a wedding day than running behind schedule, especially if it can be prevented by keeping an eye on the clock.

Downtown Denver Halloween Wedding bridal party gifts and Making Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly

7. Remember–Its your day!
Be clear with those around you about what kind of experience you want to have on your wedding day.  Its not your parent’s wedding, or your friend’s wedding.  And while their opinion might be important to you, the final decision should be yours.

bride and groom intimate sunset portrait in Asian gardens at Denver Botanic Gardens wedding by Boulder Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate


One of the best tips I have for making your wedding day run smoothly? Hire the right wedding vendor team!  Start with your photographer–let’s chat and see if we connect!

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