8 Cozy Colorado Summer Wedding Venues – with Fire Pits!

There isn’t much that says “cozy” at a Colorado summer wedding more than a good ol’ fashioned fire pit.

For me fire pits bring up memories of camping with friends, watching the stars come out as the sky darkens, s’mores, and a gentle, soothing, sound that is both mesmerizing and completely relaxing.

If you have similar visceral feelings about fire pits, you might want to consider looking for a venue that allows that atmosphere to be a part of your overall wedding day.

To help you in your search, I’ve created a list of 8 cozy Colorado summer wedding venues that also have fire pits–truly the perfect combination.

s'mores at wedding photo

Cozy Colorado summer wedding venues in the mountains

Strawberry Creek Ranch

Nestled between a couple of working ranches in Granby, Strawberry Creek Ranch is the perfect summer getaway for you and your wedding guests. The venue features a beautiful ceremony site by a pond, open fields with unrestricted views for your guests, and a handful of historic barn structures that are fun to photograph and add a rustic ambiance to their day. But Strawberry Creek also has a newly erected barn for receptions that is tall and airy and the perfect spot for an indoor reception (that also opens up to the outdoor areas easily). The fire pit is the perfect gathering place for a summer evening in the mountains with friends.

couple by fire pit at Intimate Strawberry Creek Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

Piney River Ranch

The firepit is just one of the selling points of getting married at Piney River Ranch, but honestly it’s one of the features of the venue that gets overlooked the most.

Located adjacent to the main ceremony site, and tucked in closer to the water, the fire pit can be a great spot to gather when you want to take in the cool night air of the venue (it gets chilly at 10,000 feet!).

Aside from the fire pit, Piney features lake access at sunset, spectacular mountain views, and a seclusion and intimacy that is hard to beat. You can learn more about this awesome venue on my Piney River Ranch Weddings page.

The unlit fire pit with views of the Gore Range at Piney River Ranch at Blue Hour

Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Devil’s Thumb Ranch is an upscale venue in Tabernash, CO, just outside of Granby and Winter Park. There are multiple ceremony and reception spots on the property, but one of my favorites is the Timber House and the Broad Axe Barn and the expansive patio with fire pits that connects them.  Booking these two spaces allows indoor/ outdoor access for your ceremony and/ or reception space and a great spot to ward off the evening chill. Plus, the gas fire pits surrounded by the patio promotes mountain fire safety. For another spot, the Lonesome Lodge (which you can book for your guests), also sports an outdoor firepit and lounging area.

father daughter dance at devil's thumb ranch photo
Fire pits outside the Timber House and Broad Axe Barn

Grand Lake Lodge

Another favorite spot of mine is Grand Lake Lodge and this beautiful mountain venue has two fire pit options. If you’ve ever been a guest at the lodge, then you are familiar with the outdoor gas fire pits that sit atop the main viewing deck on the property. These fire pits, with their plentiful access to rocking chairs, is a the perfect spot for wedding guests and lodgers to hang out at cocktail hour or take in the sunset.. They are on almost every night.

The second fire pit is a wood burning firepit that is accessible underneath the main reception space at the Lodge. It’s often used for s’mores for weddings and is more rustic in feel with adjoining picnic tables. It still hosts a great view though!

fire pit outside of wedding reception space at Grand Lake Lodge wedding by Grand Lake wedding photographer Jennie Crate Photographer
The lower wood fire pit below the reception space at Grand Lake Lodge

Cozy Colorado summer wedding venues in the Foothills

Lyons Farmette

There isn’t much that can beat a cozy summer evening on a farmette in the foothills. Featuring live animals, outdoor and indoor dining options, and weekly farm dinners in the summer, The Lyons Farmette is the perfect spot for a wedding. The venue has enough trees that it’s almost always the perfect light for photography, and you can’t beat the flower farm for portraits. And when the sun goes down, the venue almost always lights it’s firepit with s’mores for guests who need a respite from the dance floor.

Lyons Riverbend

Just down the street from the Lyons Farmette is the Lyons Riverbend (recently under new ownership), another cozy spot by the river that runs through town. Though bigger than the Farmette (they can host a bigger guest count), they also maintain an intimate mountain vibe with their cute cabin, glamping tent, and ceremony spot in the trees. Their stone amphitheater is the perfect place for acoustic music or silent disco dance party.

And when you’re ready, you can head to the fire pit by the river to relax the night away.

Couple by the fire at cozy colorado summer wedding venues

The Boulders at Black Canyon Inn

Up in Estes Park you’ll find the expansive Black Canyon Inn with two wedding venues on the property. The newest is the Boulders and it sits at the top of hill. The ceremony views are spectacular, but equally lovely are the wrap around deck and patio of the reception space that also opens up to the same rocky Estes Park Views. The patio has several stone fire pits that are lit at night during receptions and make the space truly indoor/ outdoor.

Colorado Summer Wedding Venue in the City

The Manor House

If you like history, you should check out the Manor House, a stunningly renovated historic wedding venue.

Though the bones are more historic than the decor (it’s got a great, open, modern vibe), the property also has a stunning library which is a must for photos.

Surrounding the reception space, there are a row of gas fire pits which are a great escape for those who need a quieter spot to recharge.

Note about fire bans

Colorado is an arid state, and as such, there are frequently fire bans implemented across the region. To maximize your chances of actually being able to utilize the venues fire pit, consider the following tips.

  1. Restrictions under Stage 1 prohibit starting fires outside of established campgrounds in metal or concrete fire pits, or grates installed at campgrounds and picnic areas. It is not legal to start campfires on dispersed camping trips under Stage 1 restrictions. Under Stage 1 restrictions, smoking is banned outside of enclosed cars or structures, developed recreational sites, or in barren places that are cleared of all flammable materials and at least three feet in diameter. Most fireworks are always banned in Colorado, but under Stage 1 fire restrictions, explosives of any kind are also prohibited, included fuses, blasting caps, rockets, exploding targets, tracers, and incendiary ammunition. (https://www.uncovercolorado.com/colorado-fire-ban-restrictions/
  2. Stage 2 fire restrictions are a total ban of outdoor fires and other activities in Colorado. The following activities and items are prohibited under these restrictions: Fires, bonfires, operating chainsaws, charcoal grills, chimnea portable outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fireworks, shooting, sky lanterns, tiki torches, burning trash, welding, and torches. Some of the items on this list are prohibited even at private residences during Stage 2 fire restrictions, so it’s best to research local guidelines to ensure you’re in compliance.
  1. Get married in late May, early June, late fall, or even winter! With the snowmelt, spring storms, and the beginning of a summer seasons, Colorado is often at it’s most green and lush in the late spring and early summer. It is highly unusual for fire bans to be in effect this early in the year, so if you want an almost guarantee that you’ll be able to use the fire pit at your venue, look at these earlier dates. Similarly, if you plan a wedding for late October and the snows have already started in the mountains, you might be able to have a cozy fall fire pit. Or if you’re at one of the city venues with fire pits, you could totally take advantage of the fire’s heat, even in the colder temperatures.
  2. Be aware of the different levels of fire bans (see info above)
  3. Colorado venues know these restrictions and most have metal or concrete fire pits in open grassy areas that adhere to regulations for stage 1 fire bans. If the weather is generally pleasant during the summer, we get a typical amount or rain, and it’s not super windy (red flag warnings), most of these venues will be able to have fires in their fire pits throughout the full season.
  4. Additional note: some city or town municipalities will have stricter fire bans than their county. It’s smart to check the city or town websites for the most up to date information.

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