Amanda and Angelica’s Boulder Engagement

Amanda and Angelica drove up to Boulder from Texas to visit some of their family and it just so happens that Angelica’s mom is a very talented local florist. They were looking for an engagement photographer and her mom recommended me!

It was such an honor to receive a recommendation from another wedding vendor whose work I absolutely love!

Amanda and Angelica were an absolute delight to work with. They were so down to adventure through Chautauqua Park and didn’t bat an eye when the wind really started to pick up. Even though it was tough to keep our hair out of our faces, the high winds made for some really cool effects with the tall mountain grasses.

After we left Chautauqua Park, we headed up to Lost Gulch Overlook. And by the time we got to lost Gulch for sunset, the wind was whipping something fierce.

We braved it on the rocks for about 20 minutes, before finding a hidden spot in the trees where we could enjoy the last orange rays from the sunset.

Despite the wind, it was worth it!

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