Associate Photographers

A.K.A My Amazing Team

As much as I wish that I could serve each and every couple that comes into my inbox, there just aren’t enough weekends in the year. And since I can’t really clone myself, I’ve done the next best thing. I’ve built a fantastic team of associate photographers who can serve as extensions of me.

I’ve known each of these wonderful humans for at least 8 years and I can vouch for their technical skill, their desire to capture authentic human connections, and their attitude on the wedding day. They are 100% there to serve you.

They will capture the story of your wedding day, but more importantly they will capture the feeling of your day.

Read on to get to know the team, view their work, and get some of your more in depth questions answered.

Meet Your Photographer




Pronouns: she/her/hers


Hi I’m Candice!

After a decade of photographing weddings, I still find myself smiling and dancing when photographing couples. Wedding days are an amazing celebration of love, no matter the size. When I approach a wedding day, my goal is to put my couples at ease and photograph their true connection. I am a mom, a self-proclaimed geek, a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and a lover of color and sunshine. Fun Facts: I am 6’1, never played sports, grew up eating pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, and my thumbs are double-jointed.

Favorite part of the wedding day: My favorite part of the wedding day is Cocktail Hour. Cocktail hour is the perfect time for couples to relax, friends to chat and catch up, and sometimes everyone gets to watch the sunset while holding a delicious drink.

Best thing you’ve ever eaten at a wedding: Appetizers! It also goes along with my favorite part of the wedding day. I live for snacks.

Bucket list travel location: Japan. I have always been interested in Japanese culture and art and would love to travel to the Japanese countryside. 

View some of Candice’s Work

Jennie and her team made us feel beautiful, special and comfortable

The way they captured the smallest moments, to the biggest moments of our day… it brought back every feeling, every smile and every butterfly. It is impossible to narrow down the ones we want to frame, they are all so beautiful. They exceeded all of our expectations and we couldn’t be happier. Not to mention, her team made us feel beautiful, special and comfortable in all of our pictures. Part of our favorite memories are how they made us laugh and smile, play small games, and take an extra moment to feel everything around us.
Samantha + Alanna

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Hi I’m Amelia!

I’ve turned my love of observing people into a career I adore. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to capture moments in time – subtle gestures of love, adoring glances and bellowing laughter. I take a well-prepared but relaxed approach to the documentation of life. I tell a couple’s unique visual story. Documenting genuine moments fuels me from within, so I encourage couples to do and feel what they love. I am grateful for each and every client that invests in the authentic documentation of their lives.

Favorite part of the wedding day: I adore documenting a couple interacting with their loved ones

Favorite food: Roasted beet salad with feta

Bucket list travel location: Iceland

View some of Amelia’s Work

Jennie and Amelia are absolutely incredible!

We met with Jennie to discuss our vision for our engagement shoot as well as our upcoming wedding. Our engagement shoot with Amelia was full of laughter and joy and the final products that Jennie delivered us are breath taking! Really looking forward to working together on the big day! Couldn’t be happier with our photography team :)
Kade + Bekkah

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Hi I’m Chelsea!

Favorite part of the wedding day: I honestly don’t have a favorite part of the day. I love getting ready because I enjoy seeing all the personal touches. I love the excitement and nerves. I love seeing the friendships and hearing the stories. The ceremony, I LOVE capturing the looks between the couples. I love seeing their family’s reactions. Catching crying guests is a favorite. Couples portraits are obviously amazing…. And the reception, I just love when guests are having fun and to see the couple really let loose and finally enjoy themselves.

Best thing you’ve ever eaten at a wedding: I love all food. Unless it’s a boxed vender meal, I’m one SUPER happy camper. I’m not a wedding cake person, so it’s always fun for me when the couple does something unique for dessert. Favorite food outside of weddings is typically anything Asian. 

Bucket list travel location: Santorini!! Followed by Maldives. Then probably an African safari. 

View some of Chelsea’s Work

Chelsea is amazing!

We worked with Jennie for our engagement session and she made us feel so comfortable. Even though she was booked for our wedding day, she had an associate photographer, Chelsea, who was equally as wonderful. Our photos were delivered timely and we were thrilled with the results. We chose Jennie for her candid approach, creative use of light, and excellent editing skills. You will not be disappointed with Jennie and her team!
Eliza + Greg

fine art albums

Your wedding day is over, you’ve enjoyed your mini-moon or honeymoon, and you’re headed back to everyday life. A few weeks later you get your wedding gallery. You dive into the online gallery, favoriting the images that make you smile, shed a few tears, and laugh out loud.

But then what?

You’ll probably share a few photos to Instagram, share to Facebook, maybe email the gallery to your family and friends. Then after a few months, they’ll sit on your hard drive to be revisited on occasion (or until the inevitable happens and your computer will no longer read your hard drive and you suddenly can’t access any of your images).

BUT, what if you had a beautiful book of your favorite photos that you could pull out on anniversaries?

What if you could touch, feel, and see your images up close and in bright, beautiful color whenever you wanted to?

That’s why I believe in, and offer, fine art albums.

So your wedding photos can be preserved in a beautiful heirloom that can preserve your wedding day memories for generations to come.

have more questions? let me answer them for you!

Bottom line, my associates are amazing photographers and I am proud to have my name on their work.

All of them! Everyone on my team is freakin’ amazing. They were all chosen to be part of the team based on their years of experience and my personal interactions with them working at weddings over the last 8+ years. I would trust all of them to take excellent care of my clients and, additionally, I would trust them to photograph my own wedding.

Part of what I love about running the associate program is that I can help match you with the right associate based on the details of your wedding. My associates live in different towns, have different availability, and other things going on in their lives. So, when I get an inquiry, I take the details you give me (please take the time to be detailed in your inquiry form!) and almost immediately have an idea in my head of who would be the right fit for your wedding day. Then I reach out to them to see if they’re available and communicate back to you.

If you feel connected to any of the above photographers already, just let me know and I can reach out to them first!

While my associates have all run their own businesses in the past, they have all taken a step back and solely work as associate and 2nd photographers. They all love to shoot and love weddings, but they don’t love the business side of things. Working as an associate photographer gives the freedom to do the parts they love and leave the rest to me!

I’m happy to set up a video chat with your associate at any point. We can invite them to your first meeting with me, or we can set up a time for just you to connect with them. This meeting can happen before or after you officially book us. We also try to schedule a final video meeting shortly before your wedding day to go over all final details and to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Even though my associates will be the ones photographing you on your wedding day, I am still a very active part of the puzzle. I’m your go to for planning advice, timeline help, and random questions you may have. About 6 weeks before your wedding I send out a questionnaire that will help me collect all the last minute details, then I make sure that my associates are equipped with all of the information they could need. I also edit all of your photos and will deliver your sneak peeks and final gallery.

I usually photograph engagement sessions for all couples, even those working with an associate. So you will have the opportunity to work with me as well! If you’d prefer to have your associate photograph your engagement session so you can start building that foundation, just let me know. Some have availability to do engagement sessions, while others do not, and I’m happy to see if they are available.

Ready to do this??