Breckenridge Adventure Session | Anna and Emily

My drive to Breckenridge the morning of our adventure session boasted bright blue skies and puffy clouds, but by the time I pulled into the Boreas Pass parking lot I could see grey skies accumulating. 

Anna and Emily drove up in their rented jeep and once Bailey and Emma (of Buffalo Film Co) arrived we headed up Boreas Pass. 

Anna and Emily had done some research hikes earlier in the week and had found the perfect high altitude hike that was just enough off the beaten path to make it the perfect intimate spot for their vow reading. 

**note: they had originally planned this adventure session as their actual wedding in Colorado, but when they moved their wedding to Jorgensen Farms in Ohio, they decided to keep this session as a time that they could get out in nature and share super personal vows with each other**

We started the hike up and after about 15 minutes the rain started. We alternately continued on, and ducked under trees to avoid the heavier bouts of rain. 

We emerged above tree line with grey clouds and rain in all directions, but thankfully no thunder. After a few minutes of rain and wind, we sought shelter in a small copse of short trees and tried out best to keep our gear dry.

After about 20 minutes the rain started to break and the sun started to peak through. We could see grey clouds in the distance and knew we had to move fast. Anna and Emily quickly put on their wedding attire and Bailey and I scouted the perfect spot with amazing views for the vow reading. 

By the time we got to the spot, Anna predicted we had about 11 minutes to get things done. 

She wasn’t far off. 

With their hair in matching messy and rainswept buns, Anna and Emily exchanged vows they had written since their Ohio wedding day. These personal vows made them both cry and made them collectively state how much they missed their dogs. 

After their vows and about 5 minutes of portraits, the wind picked way up and the storm was upon us. We sprinted to the trees to grab our stuff and head back down the mountain. 

Once we got below tree line, the wind died down and we just had the rain to deal with. When it started to lighten up, we chose a few spots in the trees for more portraits. Then the rain really cleared up and we found a fantastic open space for champagne toasts, cheesecake bites, and final Shenanigans. 

We finally headed back down the pass for margaritas and tacos before all heading out separate ways home. 

I LOVE this type of adventure session, with awesome peeps who are up for anything nature throws at you, and I’m so happy I got to be a part of so many awesome moments with Anna and Emily in 2019 and 2020 (Check out their wedding above and their Lily Lake proposal here).

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