The Guide to Deer Creek Valley Ranch Weddings

Updated December 5, 2023

What is the overall feel of Deer Creek Valley Ranch?

Deer Creek Valley Ranch Weddings have a decidedly rustic feel to them, mostly driven by the main barn that you encounter when you first enter the property. But they have several outdoor spaces that feel classy and elegant, including a new ceremony and reception space. You’ll also encounter horses on the property and with permission from the owners can venture out in the fields to take in sunset with them.

Where is Deer Creek Valley Ranch Located?

Deer Creek Valley Ranch is located in Bailey, Colorado. Head south down highway 285, just past Conifer, and you’ll spot the white welcome flags of Deer Creek Valley Ranch.

From their site:

Inspired by their own amazing Love Story, owners Tim and Christian have turned their Ranch into an intimate boutique mountain setting for weddings, corporate events, and any excuse for good times with good friends. This Ranch is run by a family, not a corporation, a difference your guests will definitely feel.

Keep reading for an overview of all of the ceremony and reception spaces available to you as you craft your day in the mountains.

Ceremony Sites at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

Pine Cathedral

Pine Cathedral is the newest ceremony space at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. The spot is situated by two massive boulders and features a wooden platform that you can decorate as elaborately or a simply as you want. I absolutely love the light at this ceremony spot, which is beautifully backlit in the later afternoon.

two brides in dresses at ceremony spot at the homestead at LGBT wedding by Colorado LGBT wedding photographer Jennie Crate

Lakeside Gazebo

The white and green gazebo is located next to a small pond and an open meadow. Couple’s often use the meadow for lawn games or cocktail hour right after the ceremony. It’s also a great spot for family photos. The gazebo is approached by a long walkway which is perfect for a grand entrance.

Mountain Bridge Meadow

Nestled deep in the property, this ceremony spot is the farthest from the main entrance of the property. The stone patio and pergola are situated in the meadow with views of the mountains behind. The ceremony site is accessed via an iconic covered bridge that crosses a peaceful stream. There are only a few parking spaces near this ceremony spot, so most couples rent some sort of transportation to shuttle guests from the reception spot to the ceremony.

*The Mountain Bridge Meadow will be closing as a ceremony site in 2024, 2nd shot with Caroline Pippen, Deer Creek Valley Ranch Photo, Rocky Mountain Wedding Photo

Cocktail Hour Sites at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

Duke’s Terrace and the Hearth

This patio is most often paired with ceremonies at the Pine Cathedral and Receptions at the Homestead Tent Ballroom, though if you did a venue buy-out you could pair any of the spaces together in a way that makes sense for your event. The Terrace faces the setting sun across the horse pastures and is large enough for a cocktail hour and lawn games. It also features market lights and a fireplace for those cozy evenings outside.

deer creek valley ranch homestead patio

Fireside Patio

This patio with stone fireplace is adjacent to the main barn on the property. Also strung with market lights it’s perfect for cocktail hour with your guests. It can be easily flipped to also host your first dance or outdoor snacks and cuddles.

Reception Sites at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

The Barn

The Barn is the historic part of the Deer Creek Valley property and it was the main reception site until the Homestead Tent was built. It features two getting ready spaces (one that includes a pool table and bar), a loft with gorgeous windows, and beautiful antique pieces.

From the venue’s website:

Imagine welcoming your guests into this fully restored historic Barn (originally built in 1862 – when Abraham Lincoln was president!), with it’s gleaming hand-hewn wood floors and wagon wheel chandeliers. The warmth of the Barn envelops them and makes this the perfect location for your gorgeous reception. Add in the spacious restrooms, sweetly appointed Bridal Suite, a restored wooden bar from a ghost town in Reno, Western saddle barstools, and hand-picked antique decor and your guests will be happy all night!, 2nd shot with Caroline Pippen, Deer Creek Valley Ranch Photo, Rocky Mountain Wedding Photo

The Homestead Tent

Draped in white and boasting chandeliers and twinkle lights, the newest reception venues is elegant and classy.

Photo from Deer Creek Valley Ranch

Where do I get ready at Deer Creek Valley Ranch?

There are three spaces you can use to get ready at Deer Creek Valley Ranch: The Bridal Suite in the Barn, the “Man Cave” on the lower level of the barn, and the Homestead. You can either choose to get ready fully on site, or you can get ready offsite and do your finishing touches at the venue.

The Homestead

This is the most open getting ready space with the best lighting. The walls are light, there is good window light, and there is space to move around with your bridal party. It’s a no brainer to use this space for getting ready if you’ve rented the Pine Cathedral, the Homestead Tent, or Duke’s Terrace and Hearth.

The Bridal Suite in the Barn

While perfectly adequate for getting ready, this space is a tight fit and doesn’t allow much room for your bridal party or your photographer to move around. There is also not much natural light. There is, however, a bathroom and several mirrors. If you’ve rented the barn, you’ll have the space for the night so it can be a good place for your bridal party to stash their stuff.

The “Man Cave”

This lower level space in the barn hosts a pool table and some other billards games. It is a dark space, though, and not my favorite for photographing. If you’re getting ready down here, I’ll likely ask you to do some of your final touchups near the door or the small windows.

The Loft in the Barn

This is my favorite getting ready space in the Barn. If you’re not using the space for your reception, it’s often standing empty, but it boasts an amazing huge, antique window. If you have the opportunity to use this space, trust your photographer and use it!

Deer Creek Valley Ranch wedding bridal portrait photo

Pro Tips for Getting Married at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

The loft space in the barn has some of the most beautiful window light. If you’re renting the barn, consider getting dressed up there, even if you’re not using the space for anything else!

There are tons of beautiful spots to take photos on the property. Just be aware that they’re not all close together. You might want to consider someone to drive you between spots, especially if you want to check out the covered bridge.

The ceilings in the barn aren’t super tall. There are also wooden support posts throughout the space. This shouldn’t be an issue for your reception, but it does mean that the dance floor is a more long than square.

If you’re hosting your reception in the barn, you’ll likely have to clear several tables to open up the dance floor. It would be a good idea to plan an activity for your guests outdoors (like a first dance or s’more station) so the staff can flip your space for dancing.

The staff and owners at the venue are wonderful. Don’t be afraid to communicate with them any of your concerns or needs!

Like many venues, Deer Creek Valley Ranch offers weekday discounts, so if you have flexibility in dates, consider getting married on a Thursday to save a bit of your budget.

Thinking about how to keep your day as stress free as possible? Check out my blog on ways to make your wedding day go smoothly!

Best places for wedding party and couples photos at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

There are so many beautiful spaces to take couple’s photos on the property at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. And the lighting near sunset is absolutely beautiful, so don’t forget to schedule time for sunset photos too!

Evergreen grove near the Pine Cathedral

The grove of pines near the Pine Cathedral are beautiful in the late afternoon/ early evening light. And because they’re situated away from the path to the ceremony space, they’re the perfect place to escape for couple’s photos while your guests head to their cocktail hour.

two brides sunset portraits at Deer Creek Valley Ranch same-sex wedding by Denver LGBT wedding photographer Jennie Crate

Evergreen lined roadway

The main roadway that leads from the barn towards the Gazebo ceremony site is lined with dark green evergreen trees that form a shaded canopy. It’s often used for family photos after a gazebo ceremony, first looks, or couple’s photos.

Open field by the Mountain Bridge Meadow

The wide open fields surrounding the Mountain Bridge Meadow are the perfect spot for large group family photos after your ceremony. They’re also fun to explore for couple’s photos and can boast beautiful backlighting at the right time of day. The aspens at the edge of the meadow also light up gold in the fall.

Covered Bridge

The covered bridge is beautiful and the perfect spot for first looks or couple’s photos. Make sure you talk with your photographer to see what time is best to explore the bridge.

ombre bridesmaids dresses in fall colors at Deer Creek Valley Ranch wedding by Conifer wedding photographer Jennie Crate

Stream by Mountain Bridge Meadow

The low scrub brush near the stream by the Mountain Bridge Meadow blazes golden in the fall and is a beautiful place to explore late in the day.

Fields with horses

If you like horses, make sure you chat with the owner to see if they’ll let you head out into the fields at sunset. Not only are the horses friendly (you can even feed them approved apples or carrots), they make for an awesome addition to your sunset photos.

How much does it cost to get married at Deer Creek Valley Ranch?

Pricing for both sites (Homestead Package and Barn Package) ranges from $8,000 (Mon – Thurs) to $9700 (Sat). For a full venue buyout that uses both spaces you add an additional $5000+

They do have a fully inclusive package that includes 11 Hours of Venue access plus the Vendor “Dream Team”. That means that everything, from a planner to florals to dinner and late night snacks is included. You’ll have to hire your own photographer, but pretty much everything else is included. This can be a great option for couple’s who want to take a backseat on planning and have many of their choices made for them (in the best way). Pricing for all inclusive starts at $20,950 for a Thursday.

I travel all over the state of Colorado and across the US to capture connected wedding stories for devoted and courageous couples. I love Deer Creek Valley Ranch and I’d love to be your Deer Creek Valley Ranch wedding photographer!

Same-sex wedding photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

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