Denver Betties Headshot Shootout

One of my favorite aspects of being part of the Denver Photo Betties is having the opportunity to get out and shoot alongside an amazing group of women.

In June we got together along the 16th Street Mall in Denver for a Headshot Shootout of each other.  This was actually a bit of a challenging shoot for me as I had to try to think of ways to pose one person, when I’m usually working with two–or at least working with one who can interact with the other person off camera. I’ve done corporate headshots so I’m good with lighting and posing for traditional shots, but sometimes I struggle to get the more creative individual shots.  I will have to continue to improve in that respect.

The other challenging aspect was being in front of the camera by myself.  I had no clue what to do!  One girl even told me I was looking a bit prom-y.  I guess referencing the fact that I wasn’t sure what to do except smile!  I think the ladies did manage to capture some good shots of me, but this experience just proved that I like being behind the camera best :)  However, it is a good idea to do something like this, outside of my comfort zone, every now and then.

But next time, I’ll drag Heather along with me!

Here are the women I had the pleasure of shooting:

Amber Gibbs of Mimi Photography, Denver Headshots, Denver Headshots photo

Courtney Guildner of Courtney Guildner Photography, Denver Headshots, Denver Headshots photo

Katie Bradford Osborne of The Roaring Artist, Denver Headshots photo2014-06-29_0012

Susanne Brasset of sbphotos, Denver Headshots, Denver Headshots photo

Julia Morgan of studios, Denver Headshots, Denver Headshots photo

Melissa Mullins of Melissa Mullins Media, Denver Headshots, Denver Headshots photo

And finally, I always love the behind the scenes ‘at work’ photos :), Denver Headshots photo



  1. The ones of Julia Morgan are rad! I really like the one where she is small at the bottom of the frame. It may have been out of your comfort zone but the pictures look amazing!

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