Downtown Louisville Engagement | Emma and Joel

Emma and Joel have this very down to earth and relaxed vibe to them as a couple and personalities that compliment each other perfectly.  While Emma is easy to laugh, Joel is more contemplative and serious.  Yet its Joel who is the social butterfly and I swear, knew someone in every location we stopped.

We met up for a drink at one of my favorite restaurants in Louisville, Lucky Pie, then hit the streets of downtown to wander and chase the good light for their Downtown Louisville Engagement session.  We stopped by iconic Louisville signs, visited a local park, and even jumped on a swingset.  Our conversation ranged from what our Harry Potter Patronus would be (Emma’s was a pygmie elephant!) to their first date at Empire .  At one point, Joel went into a restaurant to ask a question and Emma just giggled with delight that she gets to marry Joel in the fall.

They’re planning a Rembrant Yard wedding in October and I think its going to be one heck of a party!

Congratulations Emma and Joel!

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