Jan and Casie’s Dream Lake Engagement Session

Jan and Casie drove down from their current home in Wyoming for a whirlwind trip in Colorado that included their engagement session, and as much Chipotle as they could eat in 24 hours (hello small town living).

They wanted an adventure in RMNP so we chose Dream Lake in the snow. Funny enough, once we got on the trail, they remembered having actually done the same trail on their one and only trip into Rocky Mountain National Park before this session.

I think some things are truly serendipitious.

We spent a fabulous morning hiking, chatting, sharing stories, and genuinely enjoying our time on the trail.

We got really lucky and had no wind at Dream Lake and the lake was still frozen, so we could walk out onto the surface for a great unobstructed view.

Jan and Casie have an easy chemistry full of deep trust, and a dream about how they want to build their future together. Their love is beautiful and I’m so happy to be a small part of their story together.

We met again at Zion National Park last July for their intimate wedding and it was equally as fabulous!

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