Keukenhof Gardens Wedding Session | Stephanie and Jayson

Keukenhof Gardens Wedding Session photo

I was over the moon when I was able to connect with Sarah and Mike for their Jordaan Couple’s Session while we were in Amsterdam this May.  I was equally ecstatic when I also connected with Soleil from Interconnections Events and arranged to do a wedding session in Keukenhof Gardens.

I’m not going to lie, seeing the Dutch tulips were high on our list of things we were most excited about when we started chatting about visiting Amsterdam in the spring.  Having the chance to photograph an awesome couple in those tulips? Even better!

The Keukenhof Gardens are quite the display of color and variety and super popular with tourists.  I’m so thankful that we decided to go early in the morning because it meant we had less people to dodge.  And less people is a bit of an understatement as it was still busy from the start.  But it would have been much worse later in the day.

Soleil and I met up with Stephanie and Jayson (past clients of Soleil’s) at the entrance of the gardens.  We did hair and make-up in the chilly morning air outside, then spent the next two hours wandering the gardens, stopping wherever the background and tulips inspired us.  We definitely could have kept wandering for another two hours as there was so much more to see, but I’m thankful for the companionship and inspiration we did have during our session.

Heather and Easton met me at the gardens around noon, after our session wrapped, and we spent the afternoon taking in the rest of the sites (more film photos from this part of the day to come). The only regret I have from our time in the tulips is that we weren’t able to get out into any of the fields.  The rows of color are something I’ve dreamed about, but we happened to miss peak bloom in the fields by about a week.  I suppose that just leaves something on the bucket list for the next trip!

Thanks so much to Soleil, Stephanie, and Jayson for making this Keukenhof Gardens Wedding Session something I will always remember!

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bride in white fur groom in maroon suit
Amsterdam garden wedding photo
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Keukenhof Gardens Wedding Session photo
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Keukenhof Wedding Session Amsterdam photo


  1. Oh wow Jennie! I’m SOOOOO obsessed with this wedding session. This couple is just gorgeous, and the tulips!! SWOON!

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