Lands End San Francisco Engagement | Tríona and Oisin

Its my goal every time I travel to find a couple to photograph.  In Amsterdam, I got lucky and had the chance to photograph two awesome couples (S+M and S+J).

So when I headed to the San Francisco bay area for Nina and Adams Bolinas wedding, I put out my feelers to see if I could reach anyone in California.  Luckily, my awesome 2nd photographer, Erin, had connections in the area so through her network, we were connected with Tríona and Oisin.  Irish transplants living in California and working for Google, Tríona and Oisin were super sweet and willing to brave the harsh wind we encountered during their Lands End San Francisco Engagement.

Recently engaged in Iceland (jealous!), the two were excited to explore with us and didn’t bat an eye at having two photographers around them.  Working side by side with Erin was an awesome experience, too, as it allowed time for us each to think and envision while the other worked away.

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph this amazing duo at the coast of California: where the sun sets slowly and the light is golden and warm until the end.

Favorites from our windy session below!

intimate san francisco engagement photo
Lands End San Francisco Engagement photo
Northern california engagement photo
san francisco engagement photo
black and white engagement photo
San Francisco Bay engagement photo
intimate engagement photo
san francisco bay bridge engagement photo
engagement session at Lands End
intimate San Francisco engagement session
intimate California engagement session
California coast photo
exploring the california coast engagement photo
engagement photos on the rocky california coast photo
couple climbing rocks engagement photo
Lands End beach photo
Lands End Labyrinth San Francisco photo
San Francisco engagement photo
Lands End San Francisco Engagement photo
windy San Francisco coast engagement photo
California coast sunset engagement photo
San Francisco sunset engagement photo


  1. I love the sense of motion that the wind added to all of these – that fourth to last shot where her hair is covering her face is my fave! <3 Beautiful work Jennie!

  2. I have to admit, I scrolled up five times to look at that image with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. Your work is incredible!

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