Larkspur Engagement | Melissa and Matt

Okay, Melissa and Matt are already married, so when I say Larkspur Engagement, I really mean Larkspur Couples Session.  But tomato, tomahto.

Melissa is a talented photographer herself (Melissa Mullins, Photographer) who focuses on boudoir and these uniquely amazing water portraits for Women with Independent Minds, Gentle Hearts, and Rebellious Souls.  The two of us serve on the board of the Denver Photo Betties together, and we have both gone through Specialism Coaching, so we cross paths often. But given that our photographic specialties are wildly different, we’ve never worked together before.

That is, until we both read each other’s 101 Goals in 1001 Days and realized that we could help each other out.

Melissa had been wanting to get photos taken of her and her husband and I had been wanting to do a session with a photographer I admired.  So we arranged a trade!

I’ll be sharing my Gentle Rebel session with Melissa soon, but for now, here is the adventure we had in Larkspur, where Melissa spent much of her childhood.

Matt may not have been 100% ready to jump in front of the camera, but the two have a unique way of making each other laugh that really showcases how their relationship is so perfectly, spectacularly, them.  As a photographer, I could never ask for anything more than for a couple to truly embrace and celebrate who they are at the core.

Thanks for hanging out with me for the afternoon!

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Goal #75: Help someone else complete a goal on their list.



  1. Lovely Larkspur engagement session! Love all the colors and contrast against the beatuiful winder background.

  2. Well done Jennie. My favorites are the first forehead kiss and the quiet embrace where Melissa is looking down. And another goal down. What’s the next goal you plan to tackle?

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