Liz and LC’s Sapphire Point Wedding

Liz and LC traveled to Colorado from Washington DC to get married in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. They brought together an incredible group of friends and family to celebrate with them. If you scroll through the images, you can clearly see what a truly fun time everyone was having.

A few of my favorite moments from their day:

  1. Liz and LC walking down the aisle together as their friends cheered
  2. Honoring a German tradition where newlyweds cut a log together as a sign of partnership and commitment to keep going when the times get tough
  3. Getting goofy with their friends during portraits
  4. Capturing the epic sunset skies they had after the ceremony

You definitely want to scroll through this one to the end–Liz and LC have contagious smiles and I dare you not to smile along with them.

Congratulations you two!

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