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intimate sunset engagement photo

Monica and Tom live in Denver, but Tom has deep roots in Wyoming.  So, when they suggested that they wanted a Medicine Bow Engagement session, I had a feeling that the day would be special for them.

But I had no idea just how amazing it would be.

The drive from Denver up to Laramie in summer is mostly open farmland, but when  you turn towards the mountains, and start the climb in elevation, it becomes a whole other world.  Tall evergreens tower over the curvy road and wildflowers pair with rocks along the roadside. Then you round a bend towards Mirror Lake and you happen upon a fresh glacial lake that sparkles. Mostly I was struck by how lush the atmosphere felt, which is something that you don’t find in Colorado very often.

Then Monica and Tom arrived and together we set off to explore Mirror Lake. We wandered around the rocks and moss along the water’s edge, chatting and getting to know each other along the way. We took advantage of sweeping views and hillsides of wildflowers.  It seemed like every spot we explored held something unique and beautiful that just fueled our souls.  We played in the last peak of sunshine at the lake, then hopped in the car to drive higher in elevation for sunset.

Together we found a spot with amazing views of the Snowy Range and took advantage of the solitude for some intimate portraits. And wait until you see the light we got as the sun finally settled below the peaks at sunset.

One very important thing I learned during this session is just how in love Monica is with Tom, and Tom is with Monica.  They share a decade long history that has layers upon layers of devotion, care, respect, and deep love.  And the best part? They let every one of these layers peek through in their session.

You are in for a treat–favorite images below!

Medicine Bow Engagement

Elevations at Medicine Bow National Forest

sunset photo with the pines and rocks in wyoming

sunset rocky wyoming engagement photo

sunset wind in hair during engagement photo

laughing outdoor engagement photo

summer Medicine Bow engagement photo

adventure wyoming wedding photo

Laramie Wyoming engagement photo

Medicine Bow Engagement photo

black and white sunset photo

couple running down road in Medicine Bow National Forest photo

intimate and romantic Wyoming wedding photo

intimate engagement session cuddles photo

rocky outdoor engagement photo

Medicine Bow sunset engagement photo

Wyoming National Forest engagement photo

intimate engagement session photo

Medicine Bow National Forest Engagement

Outdoor Wyoming engagement photo

cute nose kiss during engagement session photo

views from top of Medicine Bow lookout photo

romantic Medicine Bow National Forest engagement

fun wyoming engagement photo

intimate outdoor engagement photo

summer wyoming wedding photo

connected outdoor wyoming engagement photo

Mirror Lake summer Wyoming engagement photo

couple by Mirror Lake in engagement photo

engagement photo in the pine trees photo

relaxed outdoor Wyoming engagement photo

sunset engagement Mirror Lake Wyoming photo

romantic Medicine Bow Wyoming engagement photo

outdoor wyoming engagement photo

couple at Medicine Bow engagement photo

Wyoming engagement photo

romantic engagement photo at Mirror Lake photo

Medicine Bow Mirror Lake Engagement photo

custom wedding ring photo


I love exploring new and beautiful places with my couples. Thinking about a Medicine Bow Engagement? There are lots of other beautiful places to explore in the National Forest. Let’s chat!

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  1. Beautiful time in your lives, Thanks for sharing them w/this OL Man. Marriage is a very delicate thing. It will catch you “off guard” w/disappointment, hurt & overwhelming happy times. Many times it is tough but you must communicate thru all events in a marriage. I wish you good luck and always remember what brought you together♥️ What brought the 2 of you together?? Don’t forget this♥️

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