Nevada Eldorado Dry Lake Beds Elopement | Ashley and Jordan

Intimate Nevada Dry Lake Bed Elopement photo

Once every couple of years I attend a national photography conference in Las Vegas.  Heather’s best friend lives there so it’s usually a good opportunity for our entire family to take a quick trip to Nevada.

This year I skipped much of the traditional conference schedule and instead chose to attend the expo.  I also took the initiative to set up a photo shoot in a location that I’d heard awesome things about.

The Eldorado Dry Lake Beds in Boulder City, Nevada.

If you read my blog you know that I love exploring different and out of the ordinary landscapes and locations.  I think my creative juices flow when I’m not sure what I’ll find when I get somewhere.  And if you’ve never been to a dry lake bed–they are cool!

The entire ground looks like the photo below. Fun fact: dry lake beds are often used in car commercials when cars need to drive really really fast.  The ground is super hard, but cars can kick up dust that looks cool.  And they’re so big and uninhabited that you can drive fast for a long time. This lake bed is right off the side of the highway and you can literally just drive off the road and down a dirt path to get to it.

dry lake bed photo

For this session I collaborated with Dylan Crossley Photo  and the two of us pieced together flowers, dresses, hair and make up and an awesome couple.

Jordan and Ashley just happened to be in Las Vegas for a rugby tournament.  They were more than happy to come out early with us for a morning session a the Dry Lake Beds.

Christine from Shades of Beauty did the beautiful natural make-up.  Meg del la Cruz knocked it out of the park with the saucy hair.  To finish the looks, Vegas Rose Flowers created a beautiful organic bouquet that perfectly complimented the desert colors.

We arrived at the Dry Lake Beds a little before 9:00am and the sun was already up and bright. It was really windy too, so we had to be creative with our movements to prevent Jordan’s dress from flying over her head!

Jordan and Ashley have a natural, beautiful chemistry and aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves.  And I just love how they are both confident, strong women who have personal and professional goals they work towards together.

It was such a joy to collaborate with the entire team on this shoot.  I so hope we can all work together again!

Nevada Eldorado Dry Lake Beds Elopement

Nevada Desert Dry Lake Beds photo
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same-sex dry lake bed elopement photo
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Intimate dry lake bed elopement photo
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Nevada Dry Lake Bed Elopement photo
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Nevada Dry Lake Bed Elopement photo


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