New! Green Blossom Packaging

We’ve got a new product at Green Blossom Photography and we’re super excited to show them off today.

Each of our wedding packages includes a copy of high resolution images for your own use–this way you always have a copy of your wedding photos on hand–well, on computer anyway. And while we still believe in the value of PRINTING some of your photo, like your favorites, we realize that not everyone wants to print 700 photos, but everyone does want to show them off to friends and family and have a copy to store in memory boxes forever.

We’ve made the sharing part super easy through your online gallery at ShootProof, and now we’ve made the printing part super easy too.

As technology changes, we’re changing too.  We’ve officially transitioned from archival DVD’s (because lets face it, many computers don’t even have DVD drives anymore!) to branded flash drives.  Every wedding couple will get their own flash drive, complete with all edited images, as well as any video files we create for you, packaged up pretty.  And because the flash drives are branded, you’ll never forget which one houses your wedding images.

We’re super excited about how these flash drives, from, turned out.  They look sleek and cool, just like us :), Colorado Wedding Photography

 The other important part of receiving your images is the print release.  This release gives you permission to print them for your own use.  Make sure you take it with you if you’re going to a local store to print images as there can sometimes be copywrite issues.  But if you flash them your handy print release card, they’ll let you proceed., Colorado Wedding Photography

 We’re excited to take our branding to the next level and hope you enjoy our new method of image packaging as well!, Colorado Wedding Photography

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