Seeds Library Cafe Cinnamon Roll Review

If you’ve been following along with the blog, you know that I’m on the hunt for the Best Local Cinnamon Rolls. You can see my previous posts here:

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For any comparison to be fair, there need to be guidelines. So here are my top priorities when sampling cinnamon rolls:

Is it warm?
Is there a good cinnamon to bread ratio?
Is the bottom burnt?
Is the outside overcooked?
Is the center still gooey?
Is the icing cream cheese based?

Seeds Library Cafe

Boulder Public Library
1001 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado

Their Mission:

Our mission is to showcase local food and drink through an affordable, transparent, and seasonal menu, to engage the public with local agriculture, and to serve as a vibrant gathering space for the local food community.

Known for: I’m not really sure as I’ve only seen them at the farmer’s market.  Their website makes me want to check them out in the permanent location though!

Seeds Library Cafe Cinnamon RollSo, the first thing you might notice is that there is no cream-cheese icing present.  Actually there isn’t icing of any kind present.  Normally that would be a turn-off right there, but something about these rolls attracted me at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and I just knew I wanted to taste them.

The first strong point for these rolls is the dough.  It has a wonderful flavor and the very thin layers meant that there was a great ratio between cinnamon flavor and dough flavor.  The 2nd strong point was that it had been warming in the sun all morning, so it retained its “just out of the oven” softness long after it actually came out of the oven.  Thankfully, in this case, you didn’t really need the icing.

The one downside was that the roll we got wasn’t quite baked enough. The center was actually still raw dough. Now, usually, I go for the ooey-gooey center.  I slightly prefer mine a bit under-cooked so you don’t loose the gooey center.  But in this case, it was a bit too underdone.  You could actually taste the raw dough flavor which was not what I wanted to end with.

Cinnamon Roll Grade: B

I’m going to give Seeds the benefit of the doubt and say that I just got a rare under-cooked roll.  I’d be willing to give them another shot since the rest of the roll was so enjoyable.

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