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Earlier this year I published a rundown of some of my favorite Colorado Wedding Vendors. But in case the preview left you wanting to know more about these amazing women (yes, all the vendors on my list are women), I’m taking the time to do some more in depth introductions to these talents.

Hayley Styles, The Classy Pick

Hayley is one of my favorite hair stylists and I’m always excited when I find her name on a vendor list.

You can follow her on IG here.

The Not Wedding_027How long have you been in business?
I have been doing hair for almost 11 years now and I started doing weddings heavily 6 seasons ago!

What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?
When I first started doing hair at the salon, we would have wedding parties come in and I always loved working with them;  its such a fun day to be a part of and I love styling hair.  I had a mentor who asked me to help her wedding business and I really learned a lot from her and about the environment of doing weddings during that time.

What is your favorite part of owning your own business?
I love that the sky is the limit, that I get to go whatever direction that I want with my business and that I can change it anytime I want.  I also love that I am the person who gets to create the vision and values and execute them how I want!

Who is your ideal client? Who inspires you in your work?
My ideal client is the bride who trusts me and my work…I love it when brides and bridal parties have visions for themselves, but then allow me to fine tune it.  The style turns out the best when people trust me! I am often inspired by celebrities but I don’t ten to love the avant garde type looks.  I am inspired by classical beauty.

Describe the process of working with you. How would a client interact with you from start to finish?
Usually it starts through email with an inquiry about their wedding…the wedding date is usually already set…the bride will usually reach out to see if I am available and we go from there! The folks that really want me to participate reach out to me as one of the first vendors to solidify the date…I am fairly easy going about the process and like to make people feel comfortable with however they want the process to go.  The date is booked once I have a contract back in hand but there is no deposit until the trial run and I am always inviting people to come to the salon for a consultation before the trial run (sometimes before the contract) to get cozy with each other!

What trends are inspiring to you right now?
I love the vintage romantic look that brides are going for these days…along with the intense lip color.  I just find it so beautiful! I also think braids are just awesome and super fun but most people don’t have enough hair to pull it off (that’s where extensions come in!). They just add so much fun texture!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Hands down, cookies and cream

Where would you most like to travel?
South America…I have been dreaming of going to Patagonia and Santiago, Chile! I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit and haven’t been to South America yet; it’ll happen soon!

To see Hayley’s work check out The Big Fake Wedding 2014, Jessica and Mike’s Denver Museum of Nature and Science Wedding , and an intimate styled shoot at Piney River Ranch (featuring braids!).


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