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Earlier this year I published a rundown of some of my favorite Colorado Wedding Vendors. But in case the preview left you wanting to know more about these amazing women (yes, all the vendors on my list are women), I’m taking the time to do some more in depth introductions to these talents.

MEAGAN BROADWAY – Paper and decor with flare

Megan and I have grown together over the years.  We met at a The Big Fake Wedding three years ago and its been such a pleasure to cross paths and continue to create together ever since!

You can follow Meagan and her inspired work on IG here.

Above photo by Anastasia-Federico Guendel
How long have you been in business?
As a Graphic Designer, I’ve been designing wedding invitations for about eight years. My passion for event design grew from there and I officially opened up shop as Whimsy Design Studio in 2014.
What made you start Whimsy Design Studio?
I was first introduced to the wedding world after numerous friends and family members requested invitation designs and quickly fell in love with the joy of designing for weddings and events. I needed a creative outlet away from the world of corporate graphic design that I had been in and thus, Whimsy Design Studio was born!
What is your favorite part of owning your own business?
I’m grateful everyday that I get to develop and grow my very own design style that dictates our aesthetic. The company gets to grow along with my skill set and that’s really a luxury coming from a corporate graphic design background.
Who is your ideal client?  Who inspires you in your design?
My ideal clients want something unique and untraditional, and truly trust my vision to make that happen. I believe that I do my best work when the clients trust in me 100% and allow me to flex my creative muscle a bit to give them something that really is one of a kind. With custom design, each client inspires me as I learn how their wedding has been personalized to really show who they are us a couple.
Whimsy Design Studio
Photo by Kimberly Mitiska Photography
Describe the process of working with you.  How would a couple interact with you from start to finish?
The very first stage to any custom design wedding project is to learn as much as I can about the couple and their wedding vision. From there I can make stationery design suggestions that we collaborate on together to design something 100% original for their big day.
What trends are inspiring to you right now? Color! I think more and more brides are deviating from traditional, softer color palettes and incorporating a lot more color into their weddings. I like to incorporate fun, custom watercolor paintings into my work so the more color the better!
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Salted Oreo from Little Mans! It’s addicting…
Where would you most like to travel? My husband and I would love to travel all over the world (if only we had the budget for it!). Next up on our larger travel bucket list is probably Australia but we’ll be doing some trips in the United States (National Parks mainly) while we save up for that big trip!
To see Meagan’s work check out The Big Fake Wedding 2014, and a beautiful Sand Dunes styled shoot!

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