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Earlier this year I published a rundown of some of my favorite Colorado Wedding Vendors. But in case the preview left you wanting to know more about these amazing women (yes, all the vendors on my list are women), I’m taking the time to do some more in depth introductions to these talents.


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Project Floral | Lauren Evans
Photo by Evaro Photography

How long have you been in business?
This is the 6th summer in business for Project Floral! We were formerly Orchid Princess Floral and just re-branded last year to better capture the broad scope of what we do.  

How did you become a florist?
I grew up loving flowers and their ability to bring people joy on both special and ordinary occasions, and I had always dreamed of being a florist but wasn’t sure how to break into the industry. So, after college, when I found myself mentoring a young teenager whose mom is a florist and owner of Plum Gallery Floral and Events, I offered to help her with marketing.  She ended up offering to train me as a designer! Even better, her daughter ended up interning with us last summer. Truly full circle. 

What is your favorite part of the floral business?
There are SO many fun parts. I love connecting with my clients during our consultations and making sure they feel heard while helping to manifest their dreamiest visions. I love seeing everything come together after months of hard work and planning.  And,of course, I LOVE the flowers!!! 

Who is your ideal client?
We love working with many types of people, but we especially enjoy supporting clients who want an emphasis on floral (because we do too!) and who have a sense of creativity. That’s when the biggest magic happens.    

Who inspires you in your design?
I am inspired by quite the collection of artists. The artists of the Santa Fe Art District where our studio is located inspire me as I drive by and see the beautiful murals they work on for our community. I constantly take classes and am going to be taking a floral jewelry class from Aurthur with Babylon Flowers this Spring; I don’t think it is possible not to be inspired by him! And, truly, so much inspiration and learning comes from within my own team of designers and freelancers. I have found that being open to a new idea – even something I didn’t initially expect would be inspiring – can bring out the best work. 

Describe the process of working with you.
We at Project Floral are committed to we taking time to listen to everyone who comes in the door. We work to create and provide a proposal that gives the client a good visual and sense of what the final product will feel like, and that can also be used as a tool for open communication and feedback. When it comes to your wedding day or special event, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We make it possible for you to just sit back and watch your dreams come to life!   

Project Floral Lauren Evans
Photo by Evaro Photography

How would a couple interact with you from start to finish?
The first step is to contact us by e-mail or phone so we can learn more about your event. Once we both feel that we are a great fit, we will set up an in-person consultation (or, if you are from out-of- town, an in-depth phone consultation). From that meeting, we create flower “recipes” for each arrangement on your wishlist.  These are arrangements we would put together for you, and the recipes are what inform the estimate we provide. Then, we send you the summary of everything we’ve talked about, along with an estimate. Once booking is complete, we create a visual proposal for you! This is our communication tool and a tool that enables you to visualize your wedding. It is often the most tangible image a couple has of their wedding until the actual day, so this part is really fun to see. We finalize your wedding – including ordering flowers – about six weeks out from the date of the event, and we pick up flowers the week of your wedding, making sure each flower opens perfectly and is just the right color, texture, and type. Once your wedding day comes around, we deliver your bouquet to you first, making sure you LOVE it! We then set everything up, from large ceiling installations to pinning each and every boutonniere. We make sure that every detail that you dreamed up is truly manifested in the final product!

What trends are inspiring to you right now?
Currently there is a trend of upclass boho – think beautiful lounge sets, bright colors, and unique textures and flowers – that I absolutely adore

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Salted Caramel Oreo YUM!

Where would you most like to travel? For a long time, my dream has been to travel to France! I have been learning French on my own for the past 5 years and, at last, I am here NOW to style a shoot for Project Floral! Keep your eyes out for our Paris and Normandy photo shoot, coming soon!  

You can see more of Lauren’s work at Annie and Marshall’s Granby Ranch Wedding.

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