Winter Skiing Engagement | Shelly and Parker

Shelly and Parker wanted a little adventure for their winter engagement session, so they chose to ski up to the Mayflower Gulch cabins. This trail was one of the first winter trails they had done together, so it was fitting that they tackles it again for a skiing engagement session.

We followed the morning sunlight up the trail, then when we hit the cabins, we ditched the skiis and explored on foot! From knee deep post-holes to beautiful blue skies, we had the perfect weather for their snowy session.

At the end of our exploration they skied down the trail and I met at the parking lot.

We’ll be meeting again in the mountains for their wedding at A-Basin in September and I can’t wait!

Pro tips for planning a skiing or winter sports engagement:

  1. Dress in layers just like you would on a ski day at a resort. Just make sure your layers are fun and represent your style since they’ll be in some of the photos
  2. You can bring another change of clothes to wear at your final destination (i.e if you’re exploring a trail that has a viewpoint)
  3. Bring water and snacks as your session will be more of a work out than usual!
  4. Don’t worry, we’ll stop to take photos along the way, so there will be plenty of time to rest during your session

Looking at have an adventure in the winter? I’d love to hear about your ideas and join you!

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