Life is better when you know a few things…

Boulder queer wedding photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

These are a few things I know:

  • How to rock a pair of purple pants
  • Cinnamon rolls can (and should) be eaten any time of day — “breakfast” hour be damned
  • A good story never gets old
  • Life is better when you fall asleep holding hands
  • Being who you are and caring about the people around you is the most important, bravest, coolest thing you can do…

…especially on your wedding day

These people; they are my family

We knew what we meant to each other before the Supreme Court of the U.S. did. Eight years in, same-sex marriage finally became legal. There was a sense that so many couples who had been waiting so long to be able to declare themselves what they were — married — could finally do it. 

There’s a beautiful intimacy and depth that comes when people choose each other, even as the world tries to invalidate what they have. The relationships we form, as queer people, are extra special, because we had to recognize and value them first. Your relationship is valid, unique, joyful, meaningful, and real. That’s what I want you to see when you look at your photos.

I met my wife at 21

Don’t we look like babies when we moved to Colorado in 2012?

Between that infectious smile, and an uncanny way they had of making me feel heard and understood, I fell hard. Was it always easy? Definitely not. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

When times were tough, we leaned on each other. We grew together. We laughed loud. We hugged harder. And we trusted in the direction we were headed together.

When it came time to plan our wedding, we were purposefully very intentional about the people we invited. Our guest list was made up of people who supported and celebrated us through every step. Now, when we look at our photographs, we get to see love — not just in the moments captured between us — but in the faces and gestures of our friends and family. This intimacy is what I strive to capture in every wedding I photograph.

Valley of Fire at sunset with two brides

​​Jennie does a brilliant job capturing the intimacy and joy shared between a couple, and she makes the (sometimes awkward) experience of being photographed full of laughter and silliness.”

~Jordan and Ashley

Here’s the thing. Deep down I’m pretty dorky and

awkward in front of the camera, too.

Here’s the proof.

My job is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. And while it might not be the most “natural” thing you’ve ever done, I promise, it will be more fun than you think it will be.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jennie Crate. Not only is her photography work incredible, but she was so much fun to be around. She made us feel completely at ease and supported throughout our entire process”

~Amanda and Juan

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I travel all over the state of Colorado and across the US for cinnamon rolls (and/or to photograph your wedding).

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