8 Intimate Colorado Wedding Venues

8 Intimate Wedding Venues Colorado Wedding Planning Resources by Colorado Wedding photographer Jennie Crate

I photograph intimate weddings for devoted and courageous couples.

To me intimacy in relationships is such a beautiful thing.  When I think of my relationship with my wife its that closeness, that quiet togetherness that I think really defines us.  Of course we laugh with each other and we can be silly and loud together but I find that the moments where I really sit back and appreciate all that we have together are those quiet moments of just being with one another.  Those moments where I look around, whether we’re sitting by a campfire or cuddled on the couch, and think this is all I need.

Its peace, its contentment, its deep love in a moment.

As a wedding photographer, I thrive on weddings where intimacy plays a big part.  And I don’t mean just small elopements, though those are by definition, intimate.  I mean weddings where not everything is scripted; where there is time for people to just relax and enjoy the company of their loved ones.  Its bonfires and lawn games and mountain views.  Its laughter and dancing because you feel like it, not because you should.  And its taking time to wander off together as a couple, either with your photographer or without.

In celebration of my love for intimate weddings, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite Intimate Colorado Wedding Venues. These venues were chosen because they provide the atmosphere I listed above. Some are secluded,  others just off the main path, but they all allow couples to build the intimate wedding of their dreams.

In no particular order:

8 Intimate Colorado Wedding Venues

1. Lyons Farmette

Their tagline, “here’s to good food and good company” perfectly sums up what they’re all about. Just off the highway in Lyons, CO is a quaint little farmette that offers fresh flowers, dinner under the market lights, and cozy spaces to hang out but the river.  It’s seriously one of my favorite intimate Colorado wedding venues. Check out my venue page for all the details and my favorite spots for photos at the Lyons Farmette.

And then check out Robin and Kyle’s full Lyons Farmette wedding story!

guest cheersing at al fresco wedding photo

2. River Bend at Lyons

On the other side of the highway in Lyons, CO is a sprawling grassy field by a beautiful river.  Larger than the Lyons Farmette, but no less intimate, River Bend offers an outdoor dance floor and fire pit. Perfect for an evening of mingling and toasting with friends. For more details on making this your venue, check out my Guide to weddings at River Bend.

Check out Anne and Dan’s full River Bend wedding story.

Lawn games on Lyons River Bend intimate wedding photoLyons River Bend Intimate Colorado Wedding

3. Piney River Ranch

Situated above 10,000 feet in the mountains surrounding Vail, CO, Piney River Ranch is a trek to get to.  But its so so worth it.  Nestled next to a glacial lake, the venue features awe-inspiring views, hiking trails, canoes, lakeside cabins and tents.  You can even rent out all the cabins and tents for your guests to stay in.  Plus, if you’re lucky the resident moose might make a lakeside appearance. I have tons of details and in depth perspective in my Guide for Piney River Ranch Weddings, so definitely click over to read.

For real wedding inspiration, check out Meghan and James’ full wedding story, an amazing Sunset at Piney River, a casual wedding at Piney River, a Breakfast in Bed wedding inspiration story, and an elegant Piney River Ranch Wedding Story.

(as you can see, this is another of my FAVORITE intimate Colorado wedding venues)

Piney River Ranch Intimate Wedding Photo

4. Grand Lake Lodge

Take a trip to the northern part of the state and check out Grand Lake Lodge in the beautifully quaint Colorado town of Grand Lake. Weddings at the lodge are tucked in among evergreens and aspens, and feature spectacular views of the lakes and towns below. The reception venue makes you feel like you’re in an aspen forest and guests will find ample spots to relax and enjoy the crisp mountain air. Check out my full guide to Grand Lake Lodge Weddings to learn about all the hidden gems of one of my favorite intimate wedding venues.

5. Sapphire Point

This public overlook has become increasingly popular as a spot for intimate weddings over the last two years. The views of the mountains and Dillon lake are great, and there are tons of great spots for photos in the nearby vicinity. Because of the popularity of the spot, it’s best to work with a photographer who thorough knowledge of the space and can help you find the best ways to create your intimate wedding day here. For all the details and tips, check out my guide to getting married at Sapphire Point Overlook.

6. Eureka Lodge

If you love the Rocky Mountains, you’re going to LOVE the San Juan mountains.  This lodge, nestled in the San Jan Mountains near Silverton, CO is a privately owned historic mining hotel.  The ceremony spot offers sweeping views of the mountains and the lodge and is perched on the edge of a river gorge (photos below taken while 2nd shooting for Chris Loring).

Check out Rachel and Dave’s full Silverton wedding story.

Eureka Lodge Intimate Wedding photo
Silverton Intimate wedding photo

7. Denver Botanic Gardens

With multiple ceremony options and a couple of reception options, there are endless possibilities for intimate weddings at the Denver Botanic Gardens. And, this amazingly lush and beautiful display of plants and wildlife is in Denver, so it’s an easy trip for you and your guests. I have a very in depth Guide to Planning your Denver Botanic Gardens wedding, so give it a read to find your perfect spot!

And check out this gorgeous Botanic Gardens fall wedding.

bride and groom find hidden stone bench at Denver Botanic Gardens microwedding by Boulder wedding photographer Jennie Crate
bride and groom at sunset at Monet's Pond at Denver Botanic Gardens wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate

8. Vail Wedding Deck

Head west out of Denver, over a mountain pass, and take a gondola to the top of Vail mountain for one of the most stunning ceremony spots within a 2 hour drive from Denver.  The stone amphitheater at the top of the mountain is perfect for intimate weddings and one of my favorite spots to celebrate with couples.

Check out Michael and Charlie’s mountaintop wedding and Jess and Matt’s gorgeous sunset wedding up Vail Mountain.

Vail Wedding Deck July microwedding by Colorado Microwedding Photographer Jennie Crate photographer

Looking for more venues to explore? Check out my list of the Best Colorado Wedding Venues.

Planning a queer wedding at one of these venues! I’d love to help you celebrate!

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I travel all over the state of Colorado and across the US to capture connected wedding stories for devoted and courageous couples. I’d love to be your intimate wedding photographer!

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  1. SO many gorgeous weddings! And I totally understand what you mean about the quiet, intimate moments defining your relationship with your wife. I feel the same about my relationship with my husband.

  2. ohhhh, several of these are on my bucket list. Your photographer and passion for what you do just shines through in these images and your post. <3 Absolutely lovely!

  3. We are getting married March 20th 2018. It we be a small wedding maybe about 10 people we live in Missouri & I’m kinda stuck on where to have it. Any suggestions? 

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