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Colorado Microweddings

What is a microwedding and is it right for you?

I just recently started hearing the buzz about “microweddings”. And while I don’t think this concept is new, I think this kind of celebration is gaining traction, particularly as we navigate weddings in the post-COVID-19 era.

The formal online definition describes microweddings as small weddings with less than 50 guests.

To me, microweddings are really just intimate, connected, weddings repackaged into a fancy term.

And weddings that focus on intimacy and connection are what I have always been about.


and not a person more

best friends group photo at Boettcher Mansion by Colorado Microwedding Photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

“Jennie worked extremely hard through
the event to capture all the little candid
moments with friends and family.”

Elopements vs Microweddings

Are microweddings the same as elopements?

The short answer is NO

Bride and Groom say vows at top of Mt. Evans at sunset at Colorado elopement by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

Colorado Elopements

Elopements are typically wedding ceremonies that include the couple, their officiant (unless you’re in Colorado and you can marry yourself!), your photographer, and maybe a dog or a few close family members. If you’re planning an elopement, you may or may not tell anyone before the fact. You’ll also likely choose to elope in a beautiful location that would be impossible to shuttle lots of people to. Elopements are by definition super small and intimate.

intimate Taharaa Mountain Lodge microwedding by Colorado Microweddings Photographer Jennie Crate photographer

Colorado Mircoweddings

A microwedding is more of a cross-over between an elopement and a larger party. It really focuses on a small group of people who are most important to you, but still brings them along with you on your wedding day experience. While elopements are all about the ceremony and the photos of the two of you, microweddings are about connecting with your important people across an entire wedding day and documenting those connections.

Love the idea of a microwedding and want some help figuring out how to make your wedding day unique?

To help you navigate planning your own microwedding, this guide includes:

  • How to plan an intentional guest list
  • What photography looks like for a microwedding
  • An example microwedding timeline
  • How to prioritize each other and your guests
  • Choosing between a full-service microwedding company and planning your own microwedding
Guide to planning a Colorado Microwedding by Colorado Microwedding Photographer, Jennie Crate photogarpher

A microwedding day Timeline


9:00 – Have breakfast with the friends and family who are staying at the large house you rented for the wedding weekend

11:00 – Start getting ready for your wedding day, drinking mimosas on the porch as you float between getting your hair and make up done and hanging out with your fiancé

1:00 – Get dressed and prepare for a first look

1:15 – Take relaxed, fun, connected couple’s photos in a nearby beautiful location

2:30 – Get ready and excited for your ceremony

3:00 – Get married and read personalized vows!

3:30 – Take formal photos with all of the groups that you want (family, pets, college roommates)

4:00 – Hang out with your family and friends at a relaxed cocktail hour that features lawn games, lounge areas, and good conversations.

5:00 – Sit down for a deliciously personalized catered meal

6:00 – Cry during toasts from your two best friends

6:30 – Eat pie and homemade ice cream

6:45 – Share a first dance together

7:00 – Open up the dance floor with dancing to live music

8:00 – Sneak out for sunset photos

8:30 – Hang out around the fire pit with your friends, cuddling under blankets

10:00 – Wind down the party with late night snacks and hugs

prayer during outdoor microwedding dinner by Colorado Microwedding Photographer Jennie Crate Photographer

*NOTE: I truly believe that the above experience can be achieved within the framework of a wedding day with more than 50 guests (as long as they are the right people!)

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Real Colorado Microweddings

sunset wedding vail mountain
bride and groom in sunny Rocky Mountain National Park wedding by Breckenridge Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate photographer
Two brides Sunset VRBO Winter Park Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer, Jennie Crate, Photographer
Lory State Park Fort Collins Wedding photo
intimate Hotel Teatro Wedding photo
Captival Island Florida Beach Wedding photo

“My now spouse and I are awkward, nerdy introverts who have a difficult time being in front of a camera. It was also very important to us to find a photographer who could capture natural, intimate, and genuine emotion. Jennie proved to be absolutely perfect for us, and we cannot imagine a better photographer to capture both our engagement and wedding.”

~Lhisia and Lewis

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