The Guide to LGBTQ+ Wedding Suits and Wedding Attire

Okay, let’s be real. Up until recently, good suits were not made for people with curves. And definitely not LGBTQ+ wedding suites–tailored, amazing suits you could feel like a rock star in. Even back before I was planning a wedding, I remember having such a hard time finding off the rack button up shirts, suit jackets or pants that fit the way I wanted them to. I didn’t even want to wear suits all the time, but I wanted a good professional one to wear to interviews and work. And it was a pain!

The jacket sleeves were too short. I couldn’t lift my arms above my head. The pants were too long and too wide. The pants were too high waisted. My boobs were too big and the shirt stretched in all the wrong places.

C’mon, why was it so hard to find a suit that I loved that loved my body as well!?

Even 10 years ago when I was planning my wedding I remember learning that there was ONE store in the San Francisco Bay area that specialized in suits and button downs for the LGBTQ+ community. ONE. C’mon.

Liz in a Bindle + Keep Suit

These days I’m so excited that the wants and needs of our community have been heard! There are some great companies out there that are tailoring their clothes (see what I did there?) to body types of all shapes and sizes. And to top it off, a huge handful of these companies are LGBTQ+ owned.

Wedding Suits for the LGBTQ+ Community

Custom Suits

If you’re looking for a suit that fits you in all the right places, custom is the way to go. Though they’re much pricier than off the rack options, and you might have to attend an appointment in person in another city, you won’t beat the quality and fit of a custom wedding suit.

Bindle & Keep

Bindle & Keep has been at the forefront of suit making for all body types for close to a decade. After a horrifically uncomfortable suit fitting appointment in a men’s suit shop, co-owner Rae Tutera realized there was a huge need for a suit experience for people whose bodies weren’t cisgender male. Shortly after, Tutera met suit maker Daniel Friedman, Bindle & Keep was born. And check out the 2016 HBO documentary, “Suited”, about their business.

bindle and keep suit
Emily in a semi-custom Bindle + Keep suit

Sharpe Suiting

A queer-owned company based in Hollywood, Sharpe Suiting now has extension sites in Charlotte, Houston, Tampa, and Chicago. Through their passion to serve the community, they’ve donated nearly 100 suits to LGBTQ youth centers, non-profit fundraisers, colleges, and queer prom students across the country. They have some options available online, but their main service is custom suits and designs. You can see a short video about Sharpe Suiting and their business here.

Goldie Bespoke

Suits for women made by a woman. Goldie Bespoke was created to bring together the appreciation for the craft of design, solve the issue of fit, and create memorable, personal experiences.

The Tailory

The Tailory New York is an appointment-only custom clothing company that combines modern Fashion Design with the heritage art of Custom Tailoring. They believe that clothing is genderless, and they cater in equal measure to men, women, and non-binary individuals.

Ian Rios

A completely customized, high-end, suit making experience. Individual stylists will work with you to customize a suit to your style and help you create the best fit with their tailored measurement process. In person in their New York studio is probably best, but they can work with people out of state via virtual design and fitting video calls.

Wildwood & Company

A high-end bespoke suit company based in Portland, OR. They specialize in suits, shirts, coats, and knits and proudly make suits for all genders and sizes.

Online Options for LGBTQ+ Wedding Suits

Of course, custom is not the only option for your wedding day suit. There are some great companies who still specialize in online customization for every body type. From casual attire to trussed-up tuxes.

a bride wears a tailored lgbtq+ wedding suit
Wedding suit by Dapper Dames

Little Black Tux

This father-daughter duo opened their company to serve the growing market of women and non-binary customers looking for high-quality tuxedos. Tired of seeing customers stuck with boxy, masculine styles that were never designed for them in mind, they took on the formal wear market with a vengeance. They named the company Little Black Tux in homage to both the classic “little black dress” and the LGBT community whose needs, styles, and bodies deserve to be included in formal wear design. They source fabrics and create designs that are built for women and gender fluid shoppers.

Dapper Dames

High end formal wear for every woman who want to make a statement. Caters to the LGBTQ community.


Founded in 2013, Sumissura is an e-commerce business for women’s tailored clothing. They have tuxedos, suits, and button downs in a variety of patterns, styles, and fits, all made to order based on your exact measurement.

feminine blule bridal suit jacket photo

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch challenges fashion industry norms every day as they push the boundaries for what is considered menswear and womenswear. They focus on creating great fitting clothing that makes customers feel comfortable and confident in who they are. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices are central to their business model. As is giving back to the LGBTQ+ community.

Casual LGBTQ+ Wedding Looks

Looking for some stylish everyday wear, or a relaxed look for a wedding on the beach? Check out these tailored companies for the fun, and down-to-earth look.


Female founded. Women Run. “In 2013 we set out to create a home for bad-ass womxn everywhere. It started with the “radical” belief that a womxn has the right to wear whatever the she wants and be whoever the hell she wants. And speaking of rights, in 2018 alone, we raised over $400k for charities that support reproductive, immigrant, and women’s/ human rights”

Peau De Loup

This Canadian company originally set out to redefine feminine etiquette in womens-wear by
creating functional, well-made, timeless apparel. In the years since the company started its mission, they have expanded to create androgynous-style clothing designed for all bodies with curves regardless of gender identity. They specialize in well-made button up shirts in fun fabrics. They are also passionate about zero-waste practices, up-cycling, the environment, and paying their workers a living wage.

Sundae Suits

These suits are bold, colorful, and made for fun at the beach.

Non-traditional, Yet Feminine Wedding Looks

Want a wedding outfit that is neither a dress or a suit but still wedding chic? You have options!

House of Ollichon

Luxury bridal jump suits and separates for the dress-less wedding. Based in the UK with online ordering options for fun, feminine, non-traditional wedding looks.

Colorado Local Ties and Bow Ties

There’s nothing like a personalized bow tie or tie to really make a suit pop.

Knotty Tie

This Denver-based tie and bow tie shop has a robust employee program that hires, trains, and promotes refugees. And they practice ethical manufacturing and eco-friendly processes in their in-house manufacturing facility

LGBTQ+ wedding suits, bow ties, and shirts

Wedding Shoes

Ah shoes…if only it was easy to find the perfect shoes! What if you have larger feet but want a feminine shoe? What if you have tiny feet but need some kick-ass wingtips? The businesses below offer a wide range of styles AND sizes to help you find the perfect pairing for your chosen wedding attire.

*Some sites market their shoes to drag queens so you might see some of that language on the site. We’ve been in contact with the companies about using more inclusive language.


Starts at Size 5 for Men’s shoes. Goes up to size 20 for Women’s shoes.

Penny Loves Kenny

Goes up to Size 14


Goes up to Size 14

Tomboy Toes

Tomboy Toes offers a full catalog of menswear style formal leather shoes in sizes that fit women, trans men, non binary people, and all people with smaller feet.

Funky Pair

Goes up to Size 17

LGBTQ+ wedding suite with shoes lace up wingtips

So there you have it! The list of where you can find an amazing LGBTQ+ wedding suit, non-traditional attire, or other accessories that will make you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day.

I’ll be updating this page with more amazing companies and brands as I discover them!

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