Fine Art Wedding Albums

I reread my favorite books because a good story never gets old

Your wedding day is over, you’ve enjoyed your mini-moon or honeymoon, and you’re headed back to everyday life.

A few weeks later you get your wedding gallery. You dive into the online gallery, favoriting the images that make you smile, shed a few tears, and laugh out loud.

But then what?

You’ll probably share a few photos to Instagram, share to Facebook, maybe email the gallery to your family and friends.

You or some of your family might print a few photos for Christmas gifts.

Then after a few months, they’ll sit on your hard drive to be revisited on occasion.

BUT, what if you had a beautiful book of your favorite photos that you could pull out on anniversaries?

What if you kept it on a coffee table and could glance through whenever you wanted a feel good moment?

What if you could touch, feel, and see your images up close and in bright, beautiful color whenever you wanted to?

Enter Fine Art Wedding Albums

The perfect way to encapsulate all of your favorite photos from your wedding day in an easy to digest , easy to re-live format.

Designing a wedding album is easier than you think

bride and groom leave ceremony in shower of flower petals at Arapahoe Basin wedding by Vail wedding photographer

Features of your album

*Albums are designed at a 10 x 10 size, which is not too big to fit on a book shelf or on a coffee table, but large enough to view your images easily and beautifully.

*Images are printed on semi-matte paper which feels soft and luxurious and prevents shine that often makes consumer lab images difficult to view in bright light.

*Images can be printed across a spread, providing a seamless way to view images at a larger size.

*Album pages are about 1mm think, so they have a weight and a heft to them that keeps your pages from bending.

*Names and wedding dates can be de-bossed into the cover, either in foil or in a recessed print called blind de-bossing.

*Choose from a wide variety of cover materials including linen, leather, vegan leather, and colorful fabric. I’ll make suggestions based on the aesthetic of your wedding day, but you have the final say.

*All albums are printed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Cover Options

Here’s a look at some of my favorite cover options. Click here to view the full offering of covers and materials.


Japanese Fabric

Vegan Suade

Foil Debossing and Blind Debossing

*Note: embossing is not available on 6×6″ add on gift albums


The Gifting Set


One 10×10″ album for you and Two 6×6″ albums to give as gifts
to family or friends

*Includes 60 of your favorite images

Just for You


10×10″ album for your to display in your home and enjoy for years to come

*Includes 60 of your favorite images

Gifting Add On


A 6×6″ album for gifting to family or friends

*Exact replica of an already designed album. Not available for individual purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images come in my album?

You’ll get to pick 60 images to include in your album. Because they’re your choice, pick your favorites! If you just can’t narrow it down to 60 favorites, you’re welcome to add on more. You can add on images for $5 an image.

Will you design it for me?

Most definitely. I’ll take your 60+ favorite images and put them together in a layout that tells your story in an esthetically pleasing way. You’ll then have the opportunity to review the design, swap out any photos or suggest we move a photo around within the design. When you’re happy with the results, you’ll approve the album and we’ll get it sent off to the printer!

What if I want different images in my parent gifting books?

6×6″ gifting books have to be exact replicas of an already designed and ordered album. These books are cost efficient as an add on because the lab uses left over cover material from the main album order to craft them. Because of their manufacturing process, gifting books have to be ordered at the same time as the main album.

If you would like your gift albums to include different designs from your album, we can order a separate full 10×10″ album for you to give as a gift.

Why are wedding albums so expensive?

One word. QUALITY. I’ve scoured trade shows and checked out dozens of album companies. And I’ve chosen my printer (RedTree Albums) for their commitment to quality, their beautiful fabric choices, and their dedication to printing photographic color accurately. They calibrate their printers daily, which means your photos won’t take on a green or pink hue (that is common with consumer lab printing), but will look exactly like they were edited to look.

If you care for it correctly, your album will last decades and be a family keepsake that you can come back to for years.

How long will it take to get my album?

The design process should take about 2 weeks and printing and shipping can take up to 4 weeks, depending on how busy the lab is at any given time of year. The album can be shipped directly to you if you’re in a time crunch, or they can be shipped to me and I can hand deliver them to you if you’re local.

Ready to Order?

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