You’re Getting Married!

When you look back at your photos, you want to be able to feel like, “That’s Us!”

emotional vows on outdoor patio at romantic golden wedding by Evergreen Wedding photographer Jennie Crate

And even if you swear you’re the most unphotogenic person to ever grace the Earth, it’s possible to get photos that make you feel like your best self. Promise.  

bride and groom with umbrella at rainy Boettcher Mansion wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer Jennie Crate, Photographer

“My now-husband and I were both super nervous to get our pictures taken – we were worried we would be awkward and too posed. For both our engagement and wedding photos, Jennie did a great job making us feel comfortable. She gave us wonderful prompts to help us interact while she was photographing so the photos felt natural, fun, and so meaningful.

At the wedding, not only was she IMMENSELY helpful when we were making last-minute decisions about the rain, but also very kind, supportive, and calm throughout the night. I’ve heard so many great things from friends and family about how much they enjoyed interacting with Jennie at the wedding, and the photos she took capture exactly our vibe and special moments from the wedding.”

~Monica and Tom

My Philosophy

Weddings are about:



The people you celebrate the start of your marriage with should be the people who you can’t image getting married without. I believe that these relationships should be the focus of your wedding day and it’s my job to tell that story.



I believe your photos should reflect the way your day looked and felt. You won’t get any washed out editing or dark and muddy images from me. Only true, vibrant color that accurately shows your true skin color and the color of your decor.

Colorful Annette Gomez Wedding Flowers california wedding photo
bride and groom laughing in sunset light at Shyft Denver wedding by Denver wedding photographer Jennie Crate



Bottom line: You should have fun on your wedding day! I don’t believe in perfect posing. But rather authentic interactions between you + your spouse and you + your favorite people. I want you to look back at your photos and say that was an AMAZING day!



I believe that the best images come from being IN the moment with you. I’m not afraid to get elbowed on the dance floor or up close and personal during cocktail hour. I want your images to feel alive and full of real moments.



We live in a beautiful country and I absolute love being surround by the beauty around me while photographing connected couples in front of me. I’m inspired by light and scenery and our small place in a beautiful scene. I’m not afraid to hike and adventure with you too.



I never want you to be afraid to show your emotions. Whether they’re tears or belly laughs or jumping high fives, let all of your feeling out on your wedding day. Not only will I be smiling or crying with you behind the camera, these emotions drive me to create my best work.

Your Day is More than a Party

It’s the beginning of a marriage. One full of belly laughs and tears and tenderness and love and everything in between.

So on your wedding day, the dance floor photos matter. But so do the photos that show you the quiet, tender intimacy: little touches from your partner throughout the day that say I’m here and I’m so glad you are too.

Okay, but what is it really like to have you follow us around with a camera?

Let me take you behind the scenes…

Let’s do this!

Here’s how it works:

1. Contact me

Start by filling out my contact form. We’ll set up a time for the three of us to connect over video. We’ll get to know each other, chat wedding vision, and figure out if we’re a good fit!

2. Plan your day

Whether I’m your only vendor, or whether I’m one of the team, I will work with you to make sure that your wedding day is as stress free and fun as you imagine it to be.

3. Celebrate!

Your wedding day is here. YOUR job is to relax and enjoy your day. My job is capture all the beauty, emotion, and unscripted candid moments that will make your wedding day story truly unique.

4. Relive it

6-8 weeks after your wedding you’ll get your fully edited, vibrant, and joyful wedding images straight to your inbox. Pop open a drink and relive your wedding day together!

Your engagement session is the first part of your wedding experience.

Let’s make it an experience in itself.

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