101 Goals in 1001 Days v.2.0

Here we go–round 2.  Another 101 Goals in 1001 Days. Some of these goals are carryovers, some are new.  All are things I’d like to accomplish over the next two and a half years.  Here’s to hard work, dedication, and adventure as I chase the things on my list!
Challenge started: February 9, 2015
Challenge to end: November 6, 2017
1. Purchase a 70-200mm lens
2. Purchase the 35mm f/1.4 lens (Check!)
3. Attend a multi-day wedding workshop (Check! Joshua Tree you were awesome.)
4. Photograph an Elite gymnastics meet
5. Go to an elite gymnastics meet
6. Visit another country (Check!)
7. Give birth naturally
8. Visit the Grand Canyon
9. Climb a 14ner
10. Get a massage (check!)
11. Pay off our credit card debt
12. Run a half-marathon
13. Have a spa day with my mom
14. Knit a blanket
15. Grow my own herbs
16. Host a dinner party
17. Go on a business planning retreat
18. Visit a natural hot springs (check!)
19. Start Figure Modeling again
20. Go on a wine tour
21. Make monkey bread
22. Go horseback riding
23. Go apple picking
24. Purchase a case of Chenin Blanc from Goosecross vineyards (Check!)
25. Find an accountant (Check!)
26. Make crepes
27. Visit Telluride
28. Visit Steamboat Springs (check!)
29. Go to the beach
30. Have a wedding featured in a print publication (Check!)
31. Learn manual white balance
32. Do a shoot with the Ice Light
33. Go to a film wedding workshop
34. Do a shoot in a sunflower field
35. Collaborate on a styled shoot with another photographer (Check!)
36. Do a shoot with smoke bombs and the ice light (Check! And it was awesome)
37. Photograph dancers
38. Go to a digital wedding workshop (Check! Joshua Tree again)
39. Be a model for a wedding workshop or session with a photographer I admire (Check!)
40. Eat a whole lobster in Maine
41. Have a wedding featured in Style Me  Pretty
42. Go to Iceland’s blue lagoon
43. Take a spontaneous road trip (Check! NM here we come!)
44. Ride the California Zephyr through the Rocky Mountains
45. Go back to Hawai’i
46. Try out Mastin Labs presets (Check!)
47. Purchase a 2nd full frame body (Check!)
48.  Make a cake from a new recipe (Check!)
49. Find a group to sing with
50. Purchase back-up flash equipment (Check!)
51. Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park (Check!)
52. Indoor Skydive
53. Road trip to Washington
54. Photograph at Salvation Mountain
55. Visit San Francisco Bay Area (Check!)
56. Photograph a wedding at the Desert Botanic Gardens
57. Visit Portland, Oregon (Check!)
58. Buy season tickets to CU volleyball
59. Go skiing
60. Ride a gondola (Check!)
61. Visit Moab
62. Climb the Washington monument
63. Visit R-MWC (Check!)
64. Go to the women’s college World Series
65. Go to Jackson Hole, WY
66. Make a recipe from our Julia Child cookbook
67. Finish cooking my way through Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook
68. Take macro photos of snowflakes
69. Have editorial work featured in print
70. Go to a DDD restaurant
71. Do yoga on the beach
72. Eat beignets in New Orleans
73. Run a trail race
74. Enter a print contest (Check!)
75. Help someone else achieve something on their 101 Goals list (Check!)
76. Have photos taken of Heather and I (Check!)
77. Live in the moment more often
78. Go for a walk on the beach
79. Eat ice cream by the water
80. Go to yoga as often as possible
81. See my parents more (I’m on a roll!) (Check! 5 times in one year!)
82. Write letters to my grandma more often
83. Go out to dinner and eat dessert first
84. Start an quarterly email marketing campaign
85. Pay off half of my student loan debt
86. Join a co-Ed volleyball team
87. Photograph a styled shoot with film (Check! Joshua Tree again!)
88. Partner with a planner on a styled shoot (Check!)
89. Make fish tacos
90. Make bacon wrapped dates (Check!)
91. Do a shoot with red clothing in the snow
92. Visit 2 National Parks
93. Go to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History (Check!)
94. Photograph a wedding in Washington (Check!)
95. Photograph a wedding in Virginia (Check!)
96. Photograph a wedding in Georgia
97. Go on a hot air balloon ride
98. Find a new sushi restaurant (Check! Amazeballs sushi in Portland)
99. Check out a local church
100. Have Boudoir photos taken of me (Check!)
101. Get a pedicure (Check!)
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