Cherry Creek State Park Engagement | Melanie and James

Melanie and James reached out last winter to get an engagement session in Colorado on the books before they moved back to Melanie’s home state of Hawai’i.

They had thoroughly enjoyed their time in Colorado and wanted a session to commemorate their love for their adopted state.

The two chose Cherry Creek State Park for their session because it’s a location where they had spent a lot of time. Though we did their session in March and there weren’t any spring leaves on the trees yet, we really enjoyed hanging out in the trees together and finding some really cool spots by the water (both the stream and the lake!).

After we left Cherry Creek State Park, we headed to Mt. Falcon West in hopes of finding a little bit of snow left at a higher elevation. We got lucky!

Not only was there snow, but we had the most beautiful golden sunset light. These were the perfect pairing for Melanie’s second purple dress.

Since our session these two have successfully moved to Hawai’i with their pets, gotten married, and have settled into a new life together in the Aloha State.

I’m so happy we crossed paths when we did!

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