Danielle and Conor’s Brainard Lake Elopement

We fully believe that the most important part of any elopement day is the fact that you’re committing to your partner.

You don’t need a huge production. All you need is love and the freedom to not care if your day gets rained or hailed on.

Danielle and Conor faced the gamut of weather on their elopement day, but their positive attitude kept the day incredibly joyful.

Their day started sunny as they got ready in Boulder and shared their first look. Then they headed up to Brainard Lake with their close friends and families and that is when things took a turn.

Shortly after Conor’s sister had set up the ceremony site with flowers, wood stumps and a table for a champagne toast, dark clouds formed over the mountains in the distance. Everyone could smell the rain coming. After what felt like mere minutes, the downpour started, forcing everyone to gather under the gazebo to wait and see if it would pass.

Then the hail started.

But 30 minutes later Danielle and Conor were back at the shores of the lake, with tears streaming down their faces during their ceremony.

And it was absolutely beautiful to watch.

Congratulations you two!

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