Jamie and John’s Boettcher Mansion Wedding

It’s the moments that matter on a wedding day.

Jamie and John planned an incredibly connected wedding day that put the focus squarely on their relationship and their connection with the people who have encouraged, nurtured, and supported them in their partnership from the start.

From the community affirmations and songs during their ceremony, to their dance floor shenanigans that lasted to the very end (with an encore song!), every minute of Jamie and John’s wedding day was real, raw, and beautifully emotive. 

The smiles that these two share with each other are genuine and of the kind that screams “I’ve found my person”.

One of my favorite moments came at the end of John’s welcome speech, when he turned to Jamie with the biggest smile and emotion in his voice and said “Gosh, I just love you so much”.

So take in the moments. 

Because that really is what a wedding day is all about.


Photography: Jennie Crate, Photographer

Planning: Something Styled Events

Venue: Boettcher Mansion

Flowers: Flintwood Floral

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