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Earlier this year I published a rundown of some of my favorite Colorado Wedding Vendors. Today, I’m taking it international and giving a shoutout to a very awesome wedding planner based in the Netherlands. 

Meet Soleil, of Interconnections Events

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How long have you been in business?

The name Interconnections came to me first before I actually knew what I was going to do. I always loved to bring people together and create personal events that not only meet but exceed their expectations. I knew for a few years that I would love to have my own company where I could organise unique events and bring people together. But it wasnt untill June 2016 that I decided to get certified as a Wedding planner and  follow my dream of being a professional Wedding & event planner.

What made you start Interconnections?
Family and friends always relied on my when it came to choosing personal gifts for their friends and family members for birthdays and special occasions. Same with organizing their parties, events and meetings. Businesswise and personal. I just did it for the love of hospitality and organizing and because I saw their happy reactions. But I realized I love it so much that I would like to make a career out of it :)

behind the scenes Amsterdam wedding photo Keukenhof Gardens Headshot photo Interconnections Events

What is your favorite part of owning your own business?
My favorite part is the freedom! I am not restricted to timeblocks and can give the clients the time they need and deserve. When it comes to realizing their events the sky is the limit and almost everything is possible.
Who is your ideal client?  Who inspires you in your design?
My slogan is : Because life is too short to not celebrate in style.
I love clients who are food lovers and are not afraid to go all out for their special events.

I like to design events that reflect on who the client is. So very personal. If guests go home at the end of the event they should be able to say “Wow, that was amazing and that was so him/her”.  If clients can dream it, I’ll take care of the details :)
People who inspire me in life except for my family who always has my back are: Yandy Smith-Harris, Makini Regal and Randy Fenoli, 

Keukenhof Gardens headshot photowedding planner headshot photo

Describe the process of working with you.  How would clients interact with you from start to finish?
Usually clients find me online through my social media or through word of mouth.
I always aim to have a call before and after we have a personal meeting where we will further get acquainted and discuss the wishes of the client.

What trends are inspiring to you right now?
I like the fact that with weddings people are less and less afraid of color and combining the traditional white with different colors. When it comes to meetings & events clients tend to want things less formal.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
My favorite flavour of Ice cream is Macadamia Nut Brittle from Haagendasz yum yum :D

Where would you most like to travel?
I travel a lot already and try to add at least 1 new country per year on my list of countries visited :)
But up next is probably going to be Thailand or Bali because I’ve never been to Asia yet.
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