Grant Humphreys Mansion Weddings

Updated March 24, 2021

Where is Grant Humphreys Mansion?

Grant Humphreys Mansion is located in Denver, Colorado, close to the Governor’s Mansion. The address is 770 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203.

Why get married at Grant Humphreys Mansion?

If you like history and historical buildings, Grant Humphreys Mansion is a beautiful example of classic elegance and charm. It features open rooms with high ceilings and great natural light. It has a bit of a southern classic feel too, which is appealing to many couples who have roots in the south.

The grounds are groomed with stone features and seasonal plants and there are several outdoor patios and porches to host guests for cocktail hour. One of my favorite spots is the outdoor patio with market lights at night. But really, there are so many beautiful spots for photos at this venue.

The Mansion is run by History Colorado, which means that the city is committed to the historic integrity of the space and the community safety of the public.

As a city run building, it’s also one of the more affordable spaces in Denver to host your wedding. You can read more about their rental fees and inclusions in their handy PDF.

Due to COVID, they also offer ceremony only options for couples who are looking for an elegant ceremony space, but who don’t necessarily want to plan a reception.

The History of Grant Humphrey’s Mansion

From their site:

Erected in 1902, the Grant-Humphreys Mansion has been home to two different families with significant ties to Colorado and American history.

It was built for James Benton Grant, the third Governor of the state of Colorado, whose two-year term ended in 1885. Grant was a mining engineer and probably best known for his work in the smelting industry. Initially plying his trade in the boomtown of Leadville, Grant eventually moved to Denver. Located two miles northeast of downtown, the Grant Smelting Company featured what, at the time, was the tallest furnace stack in the United States, and third tallest in the world. During his time in Leadville, Grant met Mary Matteson Goodell, whom he would marry. Goodell, who was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, would feature prominently in Denver society and helped to found a home for destitute children.

After Grant died in 1911, his wife lived in the mansion for the following six years. She finally sold the house to Albert E. Humphreys in 1917.

A.E. Humphreys earned renown for being the so-called “King of the Wildcatters” after his profitable oil-drilling ventures in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. Humphreys came to Denver with his wife, Alice, and his two sons, Ira and Albert, Jr., in 1898. Along with associations with the turn-of-the-century oil industry, the Humphreys were also known for their active philanthropic contributions.

As a lover of history, I love taking the back “servants” staircases and imagining what life was like in this house in the 1800’s.

Where do I get ready at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion?

I love the getting ready spaces at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion because they feature talk ceilings and amazing light. There are three spaces used for getting ready and they’re all located upstairs. The two smaller spaces are the individual spaces for couples to get ready and the larger room can be used for your bridal party and larger groups. You can use these spaces however you like, though. I like the largest room best and recommend that at least one of you plan to get dressed or do finishing touches in this space.

Denver Mansion wedding photo

Where is the ceremony space at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion?

Most ceremonies in spring, summer, and fall are held on the front lawn with the couple and wedding party staged on the stone front entrance steps. It’s a beautiful spot, shaded by towering trees. It’s a truly elegant space that compliments the overall vibe of the Mansion.

Grant Humphrey's Mansion ceremony photo

Where do I hold my reception at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion?

There are multiple areas you can utilize for your reception, both indoors and outdoors. The main dining and toasting areas are on the first floor of the mansion, while the dancing area is in the renovated basement. To help in your planning, you can view the layout and floor plans of the Mansion.

South Terrace

This is the main outdoor patio area to the right of the building as you face the front. It’s popular for outdoor cocktail hours, though you could seat up to 96 people for an outdoor reception under the market lights. Even if you don’t use the space past cocktail hour, I recommend sneaking out out a twilight for some night photos under the market lights!

Main Reception Room

This room is the largest indoor space, located right off the main entrance of the house. It’s where most reception guests will have dinner and where toasts usually happen. It features a fireplace and a gorgeous piano (that is in tune and can be played for your event!). There is a gorgeous main stairway descending from the second floor that you can use for your grand entrance.

The space can feel a bit tight if you put too many tables in there, so keep that in mind as you’re planning your layout.

toasts in the main reception room at Grant Humphrey's Mansion

Sun Room

Just off the main Reception Room is the Sun Room. This room is slightly smaller than the main reception room but is connected by french doors and is the perfect spot for extra reception seating. Guest seated in this room will likely have to stand and come to the main reception room in order to hear the toasts.


The parlor is a small room off the main reception room. It can be used for gift and favor displays, or as a buffet option for meals. You can seat guests in there, but it’s small so I like to see it used for other things.

Dining Room and Library

The dining room can seat guests as well, or be used for staging desserts or other food items. It’s a darker space than the Main Reception room or the Sun Room so it’s not as good for photos. It’s also the main access point for the Library, which is where the indoor bar is hosted. I’d recommend not using this space to seat guests if possible to help with traffic to the bar.

Ball Room

Downstairs from the Main Reception rooms is the Ball Room, which is where dancing with amplified music takes place. The room has a lower ceiling, but does feature a stage where your DJ can set up. Market lights hang from the ceiling in this space. The restrooms are also located downstairs next to the Ball Room.

first dance denver mansion wedding photo

Pro tips for getting married at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion

The indoor spaces are lovely, but the rooms for the reception can feel quite tight, depending on your guest count.  I’d recommend standing in the space and really trying to visualize the flow of your day.

Because of noise ordinances in the neighborhood, all amplified music is confined to the basement after 9:00pm.  The basement is perfectly adequate, but doesn’t have the historic charm that the rest of the building does.

There is access to the roof with supervision of the site coordinator.  Make friends with her and build in a little time to sneak up there for photos!

Favorite Spots for Photos at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion

The grounds at Grant Humphrey’s aren’t super extensive, but they are meticulously groomed and taken care of and photograph beautifully!

The South Terrace

It’s worth it to sneak out for a few twilight or night photos under the market lights on the terrace!

night photo under market lights photo at Grant Humphreys Mansion

Front Lawn with the Mansion in the background

You definitely want to make sure you get some photos with the mansion in the background. The peach color is elegant and timeless and it gives you a real sense of the place of your venue.

light gray groomsmen suit photo

The area with the Fountain

With lush greenery in the background and classic stone columns, this space is perfect for a first look, couple’s portraits, and wedding party photos.

romantic denver wedding photo

The Roof

If you develop a good report with the venue manager, you can gain access to the rooftop patio for a few photos. The views are awesome and it’s fun to be in a space that would have been used by the historical owners of the house, but that isn’t open to the public.

bride and groom romantic wedding portrait at grant humphrey's mansion by Colorado Gay wedding photographer jennie crate photographer

The Stone Stairs

These stairs are surrounded by purple flower in the summer and are a super pretty spot to stop off for photos!

summer wedding Grant Humphrey's Mansion photo

The Lawn at sunset

The lawn off of the main front porch gets lovely evening light as the sun sets to the west. You’ll likely be in the area during cocktail hour, so make sure you snag a few beautiful evening light portraits.

Denver fall wedding photo

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