Joshua Tree Boudoir on Film | Film Friday

One of my business goals over the past year or so is to try to shoot one roll of medium format film at every wedding. I’m enjoying the process of shooting medium format film so far, focusing on using the camera for portraits alongside of my digital camera.

Your can follow along with my results on Film Fridays.

All photos were taken with the following:
Pentax 645
75mm f/2.8
Fuji 400H
Masterfully developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab

As much as I loved shooting the Joshua Tree Bridals with film, I love love loved my Joshua Tree Boudoir session with Liz.  As mentioned in my digital photo post, we had been looking for a liner for this lace dress so we could use it as a bridal dress for Ashley’s bridals, but when that didn’t pan out, our next thought was that it would be a phenomenal dress for boudoir.

I have to give an additional shout out to Indie Film Lab for developing and scanning these photos.  Yes the light was phenomenal, yes Liz was out of this world amazing, and yes Joshua Tree was so inspiring.  But Indie knocked it out of the park with development.  They understand how I like my film to look and they kicked its ass this time around.  So so happy!  And the best part? None of these photos took any additional editing or fine tuning.  They were perfect just as is.

portrait of women in desert in lace dress photoJoshua Tree boudoir in lace dress photowoman lying in lace dress in desertlace dress in desert photoromantic portrait of woman in lace dress in desert photowoman laughing in lace dress desert boudoir photowoman laying in Joshua Tree National Park photoJoshua tree boudoir photo

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