The Wreck of Peter Iredale

After we left Cannon Beach, we drove up the coast to visit the Wreck of Peter Iredale, close to Astoria, Oregon.

According to Wikipedia:

“On September 26, 1906, the Peter Iredale was bound for Portland, Oregon with 1,000 tons of ballast and a crew of 27, including two stowaways. The voyage up the coast was unremarkable until the night of October 25, when Captain H. Lawrence sighted the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse at 3:20 a.m. local time. The crew altered course first east-northeast and then northeast to enter the mouth of the Columbia River in thick mist and a rising tide. Under strong winds out of the west, an attempt was made to wear the ship away from shore, but a heavy northwest squall grounded the Peter Iredale on Clatsop Sands (now called Clatsop Spit).”

I’ve always found ruins of any kind rather fascinating–I love the history behind them, a sense of time passed, and a world gone by.  So I was so excited that we woul have the chance to visit the Wreck of Peter Iredale on our Oregon coast exploration.

It was even windier and rainier than it was at Cannon Beach, so we only spent about 45 minutes on the coast, but it was worth it.  How cool is that wreck?
The wreck of Peter Iredale state park photohaustoria beach oregon photoOnly the bow and a few metal pieces remain today.  What is left is rusty and covered in barnacles.astoria oregon coast shipwreck photobarnicles on the Oregon Coast beach photoseafoam Austoria beach photoPhotos of me are taken by Jenae of Jenae Lopez PhotographyAstoria beach shipwreck photoA hundred feet or so off the coast, there was a ton of drift wood just hanging out.  beach walking Oregon coast photoThe Wreck of Peter Iredale oregon coast portrait photoPeter Iredale wreck on the Oregon beach photorainy Oregon coast photobarnacles on coastal shipwreck photoshipwreck oregon coast photoOregon coast wood teepee photoAs we were leaving the park, we came upon this magical forest drenched in green moss.  We stopped in the middle of the road to take it in, then decided that we had better just pull the car off the road and dive deeper into the forest.  It was so still, so magically green, and we all felt so inspired.Astoria State Park photogreen forest in Astoria Oregon photoOregon forest photooregon forest photophotographers taking photos of each other in Astoria OregonOregon forest portraits


  1. oh….you make me miss my home town in Oregon soooo much! I needed a little green right now. I used to go to Astoria several times a year when I lived there. BEAUTIFUL work!

  2. these are incredible jennie!! just beautiful shots, and i love the effects you used in some of the images…really awesome work!

  3. This is SO awesome! I love traveling and seeing new places! Going on photography adventures is the best! I missed those green landscapes in all of this snow! I especially love that tiltshift! <3 Gorgeous work!

  4. Wow this is so cool! I love that the old shipwreck is still there. And that forest looks amazing! Beautiful images!

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