Gentle Rebel Session with Melissa Mullins, Photographer

When I first saw a Melissa Mullins Gentle Rebel Session, I remember thinking “wow that is really cool”.  The first thing that stuck out to me was the use of vibrant colors (I LOVE color) and the second thing was how simple, yet amazing complex each shot was.  Based on the nature of how they’re shot, each frame encompass about 3/4 of a person, so the focus is fairly tight, but the combination of color, wardrobe, and floating props makes each frame a perfect snapshot into the personality and preferences of the subject.

I just knew that one day I’d find a way to have a Gentle Rebel session myself.  Little did I know that I’d have the opportunity a lot sooner than I thought!

After reading each others 101 Goals in 1001 Days, we agreed to arrange a trade.  I’d take some updated photographs of Melissa and her husband and she’d give me the opportunity to be a Gentle Rebel subject (checking off goal #39, Be a model for a wedding workshop or do session with a photographer I admire AND goal #100, Have boudoir photos taken of me.)

I agonized over what I would wear (ask my wife who spent two hours in Target with me as I went back and forth on choices) and finally decided to capitalize on my athleticism, my connection to the LGBT community, and my lifetime fascination with historical costumes.

While I definitely have a love for fine art nudes and fine art boudoir, I knew I wanted to choose outfits that were fairly covered so I could show them off!

I’m so happy with so many of the below photos and the experience couldn’t have been more relaxing and fun.

I would highly recommend every woman take the chance to experience something like this for herself.  Bonus points if you choose to be a Gentle Rebel, too.  Because you should.

Make up by Lark Mervine 

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  1. I love every bit of this session, and really love the outdoors you picked out! They are all very you and that flower corset I’d to die for! You rocked it!

    1. Outfits not outdoors haha. Stupid autocorrect!

      And is to die for, not I’d to die for.

      I really need to double check my spelling!

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