Engagement Photos in Denver | The 6 Best City Parks to Explore

Why Choose Denver for your Engagement Photos?

Colorado is a beautiful state with so many gorgeous options for engagement sessions. You could head to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park for your session. Or you could drive up I-70 and hit up a mountain town like Breckenridge or Vail.

But what if you wanted to stay a little closer to home?

Luckily, Denver boasts an extensive park system, which provides a variety of backdrops for your engagement session, without the need to jump on an interstate.

Check out some of my favorite spots below and get some inspiration for your engagement photos in Denver.

two brides walk hand in hand at sunset after proposal in City Park Denver by Denver proposal photographer Jennie Crate
City Park for sunset in early September

City Park Engagement Photos

Located right by the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, City Park is a popular park anytime of year. Paved roads, paved bike trails, and packed dirt walking trails criss cross the park, and you can easily run a 5K in the park without repeating any paths. The main feature of the park is the lake beside the city run pavilion (which you can reserve for weddings), but depending on where you are in the park you’ll find towering trees, small ponds, tall grasses, flower gardens, sculptures, and architectural features.

City park is dog friendly, too, so you can definitely bring your furry pup to your session!

What season should I schedule my City Park engagement photos?

I’ve photographed in the park in all seasons, but my favorites are spring and fall.

Spring: In the spring the park is full of cherry trees and crabapple trees, all of which provide a rainbow of light pink, dark pink, and white flower blossoms. There is also a grove of lilacs near the Nature and Science museum. Between all the tree types, there is usually about a 2 week window in May where the flowers are really spectacular.

City park spring engagement photos in Denver
Cherry Blossoms in City Park on May 1

Summer: Summer boasts tons of towering green trees, beautiful flower beds, and lots of people enjoying all the park has to offer (think boating, volleyball leagues, flag football, and picnic blankets). In the summer, the sun sets late and you have lots of time to explore in the late evening light. Plus, once it gets dark, you also have warm temps so you don’t have to worry about heading indoors right away.

Fall: In the fall the cottonwoods, maples, and willows turn various shades of yellow and orange, with a few red leaves thrown in for good measure. There are plenty of paths to wander in the trees which allows for lots of opportunities for gorgeous fall color in your photos. Fall leaves usually peak in mid-October, but have been known to last until early November, depending on the weather for the year.

City Park Fall engagement photo in Denver
City Park in late October

Cheeseman Park Engagement Photos

Smaller than City Park, Cheeseman Park is still a pretty large park, with the main grounds being open space used for picnics, dog walks, and casual sports. The main attraction of the park is the large stone Pavilion that sits adjacent to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Parking in the park is limited to certain areas (that are few and far between), so the easiest way to access the pavilion is to park outside the park on 11th street, next to the Botanic Gardens, and walk into the park for your session.

Surrounding the pavilion in the summer are some beautiful flower beds. And in the fall, there are some tall trees that boast beautiful yellow leaves.

Cheeseman Park Engagement photo
Cheeseman Park in late October

Civic Center Park Engagement Photos

Speaking of stone architecture, Civic Center Park is the best option for a classic greek feel in the middle of the city. The stone amphitheater and surrounding stone walls have a classy and upscale feel to them and are a great spot for engagement photos (or wedding day photos too).

Outside of the amphitheater, the park also has spectacular views of the Denver Capitol and easy access to the exterior of the main Denver Courthouse. There is currently some cool street art in front of the Courthouse, too.

In the summer there are beautiful flower beds and nice lanes of trees that provide good shade.

From the park, you also have easy access to the Denver Art Museum, which boasts really cool modern architecture and sculptures, and the Denver Public Library which has a cool facade.

All in all, there is so much variety at Civic Center Park that it’s a super fun place to explore!

Civil Center park engagement photos in Denver

Pro Tips about Civic Center Park

Parking is really tough around Civic Center Park as the three main streets around the park (W 14th, W Colfax, and Broadway) don’t allow stopping or parking. One of the easiest places to find parking is on Bannock and 14th, near the courthouse. You could also park near the Denver Art Museum and walk over to the park.

Civic Center Park is a popular place for summer festivals, so make sure you check the calendar before scheduling your session!

Washington Park (aka Wash Park)

Wash Park is another large park worth exploring. Similar to City Park is a popular place for casual sports leagues, picnicking, and walking your dog. There are lots of reservable picnic areas in the park, along with playgrounds for kids, and a fishing pond.

The main feature of the park is the Wash Park Boathouse (where they also host weddings), which is pretty around sunset. The park also has gorgeous flower beds in the summer.

Wash Park behind the boathouse at sunset in July

Confluence Park

Located near REI, the Denver Children’s Museum, and Elich Gardens, Confluence Park winds it’s way by Cherry Creek. There are even spots in the park where you can access the water. Plus there are some cool pedestrian bridges that span the creek, making for some cool architectural features. One of the main bridge highlights is the Millennium Bridge, near the 16th street mall.

Grooms walking by Denver river photo

Sloans Lake

A bit farther removed from the city center, Sloans Lake is a great spot for walking. The concrete path winds its way around the lake, with tons of open grassy areas to pop off the trail. There are benches, trees, docks, and great water views. This spot is more open than some of the other Denver parks, but still a great place to enjoy some green space in the city!

sunset engagement photo at Denver Sloan Lake

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